Monday, 23 June 2014

The Scattered Life Collective

Sunset tonight - Summer is here for another few days
In the spirit of Cynthia Lee's Scattered Collective, I thought I'd play along this week to reflect on my week gone by.

Out the window:  It's been overcast all day but beautifully warm and outside my window the rhododendron is finally going out of bloom and the cotoneaster that I cut back this morning is allowing a bit more light in.   I have basil plants growing on the windowsill and an orchid that has been blooming constantly for nearly a year now .... It delights me to see it's lovely elegance when I drive in.

On the menu: The remains of last night's summer solstice picnic is needing to be finished - so I'm going to try out a new recipe for one of my favourite foods - Avocado Hummus.  And some roasted rhubarb to finish up.

Mary Gauthier has been turning up on lots of lists this week - her new album, Trouble and Love, is on my list to buy in the coming weeks ... Here's one of her songs from an earlier album, that I think every songwriter wishes they'd written.

I've been doing very little reading this last while - too much going on and too many distractions.   But last weekend I picked up a few new novels and just finished one of them - Jennifer Johnston's "A Sixpenny Song".   A girl coming back to the home she had left many years before, after her father died and left her the mansion and finding out the real truth about her mother's death ... I like Johnston's writing - beautiful descriptions of scenery and feelings, but nothing so heavy that I have to think too hard about it.

Good things:

Tom admiring my sports car at the vintage car show yesterday!!!  
I wish ... wouldn't it be lovely?
The vintage car rally in the park yesterday - 1400 cars, bikes, vans and tractors on display and a beautiful day for it.

Summer staying with us for another while - it makes you feel so good having warm weather for a sustained period.

Saying goodbye to my students for the summer :)

The Summer Solstice Picnic - we have a new women's group in the village - a lot of young women hvintage car rally in the park yesterday - 1400 cars, bikes, vans and tractors on display and a beautiful day for it.

Finishing a song with a new co-writer - I'll write about it in a future post.

Out and about this week:

This video made me laugh out loud

And this blog made me cry

So that's been my week - how's your's been?
I've been slow at answering comments these past couple of weeks, but I promise I'll do better this week.


  1. Yes, I can just see you in a little red sports car careering all over those Irish roads - sunglasses and headscarf - very chic :) Also loved the blog post you recommended above.

    1. I've wanted one of those cars forever!!! I'll be waiting a wee while yet methinks lol

  2. Oh, I love this reflection! And the sports car would look great in my driveway :-) Thank you for the mention, too. Very honored.

  3. Hi Fil - lovely post about Jaimidi .. and now your scattered life .. the rhododendrons are beautiful aren't they .. love the thought of avo hummous and roasted rhubarb ...

    I'm keeping going quietly getting things done, enjoying the weather and now some of Wimbledon .. cheers Hilary

    1. Great to see Wimbledon back on Hilary - to get away from football lol


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