Monday, 22 January 2018

Foggy Days

We've been really fogged in here over the past few mornings.  After all the wind and storms it seems very silent, like everything is wrapped in a cocoon.

 The other shore disappears and even the drips of water on the ends of branches drop off quietly.

I love those days.  It's a bit like Keats mellow mists of Autumn have got misplaced somehow or the calendar is out of sync with itself.

But then the day opens up ... the last snow is still on the hills (we've not had much snow down here) and there's a wonderful colour in the sky.

A mist lifts off the mountain - it's almost like the trees are steaming

I hope all's well with you


  1. These views are beautiful especially the first lake picture!!

  2. Lovely photos Fil. I know what you mean about the silence that surrounds a foggy morning. You live in a very beautiful place. Take care.

  3. Hi Fil - - life's like that here ... mist, fog, rain, snow on the hills then a clear spell ... but the clouds always around. Wonderful part of the world to live in - cheers Hilary

  4. Very nice pictures as usual, dear Fil, and I did feel into the landscape, enjoying the peace with Keats, maybe :) I thought you had a lot of snow, but not - which may be a good sign, for nice weather soon, I hope! But this is really nice weather, too! Hope you have a nice week, Fil! Hugs!


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