Friday, 26 January 2018

January 2018 Scavenger Hunt

Oh dear - I had totally forgotten about the Scavenger Hunt, until I went to my Reading List today and saw all the tantalising headlines.  I had to discipline myself not to look, while I hastily pulled my images together for the first list of the New Year which Kate at I Live, I Love, I Craft, I am me thankfully shortened for this month :)
If you fancy playing along the link up is here.  


The sky never fails to fascinate me ... the reds of the beautiful sunsets, the sparkle of the stars or the watery colours when there's snow in the air .. I spotted this yellow in the sky a few weeks back when I was out for a walk - a harbinger of early daffodils.

Starts with an O

... or in this case .... looks like an O.  
All over the north of Ireland our local councils are working hard at improvements to help attract tourists.   Newry has both a river and a canal and a few years back they add these gorgeous fountains to the canal - I thought it would fit O very well.


My friend in Denmark sent me one of these lovely star lights last Christmas and brought the second one during the summer.   I haven't taken them down yet cos they're so atmospheric. 


A while back I was looking for an outfit for a photograph and found this skirt in a vintage shop in Belfast.   Thing is, I forgot that I can't have sequins while there's a guitar on my knee! and at least 3 times I've gone to sell irt on but I just can't bear to part with it.   Maybe it'll finally get worn this year.


While looking through photos from the last couple of months I found lots of colour around Christmas, but when I looked a bit further back this just jumped out at me - a dahlia in a pot outside my back door.   The colour was so intense and now that the light is growing again it makes me think of warmer days to come

My Own Choice

This is certainly not my favourite photo of the past year, but it is most certainly the memory that brought me most joy. ... our very tiny wee caravan which I cannot wait to get back out in again this year.   Really we need something a tad bigger, but we couldn't get anything bigger down our drive so our tent on wheels is going to be staying for another while .... Can't wait ... :) :)

Thank you Kate for continuing to put inspiration into the Scavenger hunt .... I'm off now for a browse at everyone else's images.  


  1. Oh what a shame about the sequinned skirt, it's lovely. So is that beautiful dahlia. And the lights...and the yellow...and the O. We had a little caravan like that when we first upgraded from a tent, fun.


  2. Lovely photos, the first one is stunning. Love the star lights and the swirly, sequined skirt:)

  3. Love your photos Fil! O is very clever, the Danish lights so beautiful they should be seen all year, the exceptional colour of the dahlia a reminder of summer and times to come in your caravan...I get exactly why you love it so.

  4. Nothing wrong with a small caravan. Ours is much larger, modern thing - sometimes I wish it was half the size, would be much easier to manouevre.

  5. As usual you have collected together an interesting set of photos. Those Danish lights remind me of my mother (she was Danish; I do find Danish goods have style). I have judge your O entry to be the best; clever you to see the O.

    1. Danish stuff certainly has style ... and the lights in the winter are wonderful.

  6. Dear Fil, I am crazy for the sky, too... your picture was amazing... so beautiful colours! And the O was excellent too - and the government didn't even have to try to improve anything there, I love Northern Ireland - but with more improvement, I hope it is rediscovered by many more people! The skirt is fabulous - please give me the shop address :) I love it, don't part with it - just don't wear it when you play the guitar :) And finally, the caravan - that's great! Regardless the size, I am sure it will give you a lot of happiness, still! Hope you have a great weekend, dear friend! Hugs!

  7. As usual, a lovely set of photographs. You always manage such wonderful land and sky shots. The 'O' is brilliant as is the dahlia. But my favourite is the star lights. 😊

  8. Wonderful photos - I'm envious of your beautiful skirt - you can't get rid of it! The 'O' photo - very clever!! But my favourite is definitely the stars - beautiful x

  9. Lovely set of pictures. I think my favourite is the one of hte skirt, I keep going back and looking at it. I think it's because there is nothing that gives it scale. Until I read that you couldn't wear it whilst you were playing the guitar because of the sequins I had no idea what it could be. It reminded me of Australian aboriginal art images, I don't know if that is the intention.

  10. Great photos Fil & although I looked before, I'm just getting around to comments. Love your take O & hope you can get away in the van once the weather improves. We'll hopefully be using ours once it is cooler. Uncomfortable in 30-40 degree heat. Take care.

  11. I always love to see what you'll come up with for your photo pics, and I'm always delighted. I'm not sure I could choose a favorite this time - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt. Personally I'd wear a bit of padding just so I could wear it while playing. :-) But that dahlia is extraordinary as well - it most certainly is beckoning us to remember warmer brighter times.


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