Reading My Way Around the World

Monday 27 November 2017

Back on the road

The star of light at Chester Cathedral
Thank you all for your lovely comments on the Positive News story - and apologies for not answering them all - we're back out travelling and delighted to be doing so.   After so much illness this year we're slowly getting back on track, although the body has been grumbling a bit lol

Our new songs have been getting a great response, especially the more political rants that we've both been writing lately - it seems that nobody is happy with politicians at the minute.

So far we've been in the Lake District, Redcar on the East coast, Hull, across the M62 to Bradford and further along the same motorway to Northwich and yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Christmas market in Chester - what a beautiful town that is.  And it was freezing cold, perfect weather for a Christmas market.

Have a great week whatever you're doing - we're heading back north now, to Yorkshire, then up to Northhumberland and finishing up in the Scottish borders, where apparently it's been snowing - yikes - hopefully we'll miss the worst of it.

Friday 24 November 2017

Tentacles for Tinies #WATWB

It's coming to the end of another month and time again for the next instalment of We Are The World Bloghop where bloggers post positive news stories.  I've been loving the search each month for a heart warming story to share.  This 9th edition is co-hosted by  Shilpa GargInderpreet UppalSylvia SteinSusan ScottAndrea Michaels and Damyanti Biswas .

I truly believe that the way forward on our planet at the moment is the small thing that is happening locally .. but in the bombardment of bad news we often miss out on these wonderful stories which could give inspiration to someone else to do something similar in their own area.  

This story caught my eye recently.  

Tentacles for Tinies

These crocheted octopuses from The Rotunda Foundation and the Rotunda Knitters are helping comfort the premature babies in Dublin's Rotunda Hospital  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  
The tentacles of the crocheted octopus resemble the umbilical cord and remind babies of being inside the womb.
Read more here about the same initiative in the Neonatal Unit in Poole hospital in the South of England.

Every month since the We Are The World Bloghop started there have been wonderfully inspiring stories from all corners of the globe.   Follow along at the Facebook link.  Or better still, why not put up a story of your own.