Monday, 2 June 2014

Kudos to Aer Lingus

There's an urban myth about a very successful Irish musician years ago who was taken to America to do some concerts.  So upset was he by the experience that on arriving in the USA he went and bought a car and a ticket for him and it on the QE2 to return home by sea vowing never to set foot on a plane again. I wonder if he ever did?

But I can sympathise with him.  I'm not a great air traveller either - flying doesn't frighten me- it's just all those queues and baggage limits and annoying counter staff and overpriced sandwiches and no leg room.  

Ferries are much more civilised - throw everything you might need into the car and off you go.  Pack a lunch too if you're feeling any way organised.  

But I have to give a big well deserved pat on the back to Aerlingus who we travelled to Germany with today.  

Firstly they allowed me to carry my guitar to the door of the aircraft and put a child's buggy sticker on it to allow that. And on the other side one of the baggage handlers carried to the carousel.  My baby arrived safe and sound😃. Happy singist here😃

But the second even more remarkable thing was that Tom forgot that he left his iPad in the outside pocket of his suitcase.   He was too distracted getting to the check desk and walked away.  When he realised, his face went white.  4 agonising hours later, out comes the suitcase and, lo and behold, the iPad was totally unscathed.  Phew!!! One very relieved hubby😃

And we went on through a very easy car pick up - with an upgrade, this thing has a dashboard that the Starship Enterprise would be proud of.  
Look at the GPS in this car!!!

A short detour to pick up congas and we finally arrived in Kiel ready for the road.  

A really good day's travelling was had.   

What's your favourite way to travel?  Do tell. 


  1. My favorite way of travel is by boat, ship, ferry.

  2. Can't believe the i-pad tale! How amazing and so lucky but it's so easy to do when you're travelling and have a 101 things on your mind. I prefer flying rather than sea travel but always loved taking the various ferries over to the little Scottish islands we used to visit when I was a child. I think because you could see down into the water so clearly. Here's to a great tour :)

  3. Hi Fil - well thank goodness for all those pluses - I bet you were both relieved .. and as for GPS - if I had one I'd get lost!!

    All travelling is not easy - and depends on where I need to go .. but the QEII might be good if I had the cash!!!!!

    Enjoy .. cheers Hilary

    1. Oh wouldn`t the QEII be the business! We`ll have to keep doing the lotteryHilary lol

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