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Sunday 29 June 2014

The Week That Was

I'm joining in again for Cynthia Lee's Scattered Life Collective, to reflect on my week gone by.   Check out the link to see some of the other people who are playing along there.

I've been very tired this week and struggling to get into any sort of a routine.   But we've still made good progress with the new CD, recording guide tracks - this is the first time, in 7 CDs, that I'm recording the guides myself .... this is where we decide on the key, the tempo, where the breaks will come for instrumentals - basically the arrangement.   Then I put down a guitar part to a click track, like a metronome, so that the players who follow me will have a perfectly synced track to work to.  And then a guide vocal is done too at this stage.   It's been a really enjoyable process so far and we have some tracks ready for the next stage.   Our hope is that we'll have a good few done in the next week or 10 days and then after the Festival we'll come back to it and decide what goes on next and whether or not we have an album in the making.

But then I look at the state of the house, and the garden, and the laundry, and the unanswered emails .... and just want to lie down and sleep.  Better not look says you .... lol

Out the window: I can actually see out my windows today :)   Spent all morning cleaning them ... The hedges need trimmed ... but my little solar powered flower on the windowsill is cheerfully dancing away - he always makes me smile.

On the menu:  Lamb Tagine and Pomegranate Couscous taken from a separate recipe. ...  I've been wanting to try this recipe for a long time - probably because I really want to buy one of those cute Moroccan tagines and there's be no excuse if I can't cook the meal.  It was yummy by the way... worth trying and very simple to do.

Watching:  It's been all about Wimbledon this week - it hasn't been rained off too much - what a feat of co-ordination watching them covering the courts in less than 30 seconds ...
The men's matches have been great to watch - huge pressure on Andy Murray with Federer, Nadal, Djokovich and half a dozen others queuing up to put him out.    The women's games aren't as enjoyable - they make so much noise - although when both players have sounds, it's almost like a very annoying song.   But it was a shame to see Serena and Venus Williams both being put out - making way for a new generation.

The Carriage House by Louisa Hall - it was not a bad story - perfect summer reading - not too taxing and the characters were engaging enough ...

Good things:

A spin in a boat - we were out in a little rib boat during the week - my picture at the top of the blog was taken from that angle - it's a total change of view and I love it.

The launch of Fiddlers Green Festival on Friday night - so much to look forward to - a week of local and international music, art, sports  and mountain walks.  I"ll be doing a blog about it early in the week.

My brother home from Australia - looking forward to catching up with him later this week and taking in a session - he plays fiddle and sings too ...

Started working on another song -  it nearly counts as prolific now!!!  This is another co-write with the same lyricist that I finished a song with a couple of weeks back.   I'm hoping to have 5 originals on this new CD, plus one from hubby... but 3 of them need tweaking at the moment and then have to be learnt!   It's a good feeling seeing them come together.

Here's a song from one of the Festival guests - Luka Bloom - Luka was based for a long time in New York - he has a famous brother - Christy Moore - one of Ireland's best known and best loved folk singers - he changed his name when Christy started to become famous.

So that's been my week - how's your's been?


  1. Well compared to yours, Fil - maybe a little bit lack lustre!! I just love reading your blog because you really do live life (who cares about the daily chores anyway) and this lights up my heart as well as others I'm sure. I think you've done very well to manage to write this week after all you've managed to pack in - well done :-) Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

    1. Hello my friend :) I'm sure it wasn't even remotely lack lustre .... I had to edit out all the grumping that was originally in this blog ... can't bring myself to leave in the bad stuff lol

    2. Just had a thought - maybe we should all decide to do a bit of a grumbling blog post on a specified day - to air all our grievances and give vent!! Might make for some pretty interesting reading - especially if written with a glass of wine!!!

    3. I like the glass of wine bit ;)

  2. I'm exhausted reading this. I never knew so much went in to recording. Silly me I thought you just played and the recording was made and that was it. Like the sound of the tagine.

    1. Bands can do it that way Jo, if they have lots of money behind them and a big studio - that's why getting a recording contract has so much appeal, but is pretty much not available to most working musicians. We're very lucky to have our own (small) studio and can take the time to experiment - I didn't mean it to sound such hard work :)

  3. Wow Fil - like Jo I had NO idea what went into recording. Well, I knew it was magic, but I hadn't imagined it quite so labor and brain intensive. Yay that you're having fun and making progress, and congrats on starting the new song. I haven't had a tagine dish in quite some time and I have to say the pomegranate couscous has my mouth watering. So fun to have a peek at your week!

  4. OH Fil ... you reminded me that I used to include good things in my Scattered Life post. When did I stop doing that? I think it is when the grey companion of depression visited me at the beginning of the year and I just couldn't write a list of good things. Now I can do that again. Thank you!

    I completely sympathize with the way that the state of the house slides when I am focused on a creative project. I just keep telling myself that I can clean the house later. later later... lol!


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