Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Busman's Holiday

We're already back 4 days from our Busman's holiday - sad and sorry individual that I am, I need to have a few gigs to feel like I can relax properly - so a mixture of work and holiday was the order of the day.  We played 3 nights formally and another couple informally for groups of people which was just lovely and challenged my language skills.   I like to try and speak a little of the country's language that we're in - it's always good fun to even try a couple of words.  The start of our stay was in Bilbao in the Basque area of Spain ... Their language is called Euskerria .... and to say thank you is"Eskerrik Asko" !  I had to write it down otherwise nothing would have sunk in lol

Anyway, we're both home feeling well relaxed, head wise - still tired physically, but then we've packed a lot in.

We started our stay in Rennes, two hours south of the ferry and had a lovely, very expensive, Morrocan meal - lovely at the time anyway, but very heavy and told on us for a few days.

But Rennes is a lovely city and I'd like to visit it again.  Here are a few pics from our night time walk around.
Around Rennes
Tom at the Moroccan restaurant -
I should have got that fez closer to his head!!

Rennes cathedral at night.
Lots of French cities have these bikes
that you can pick up and leave back to another location -
great idea. 
Then down to Bilbao - we drove down the West Coast of France which isn't really that interesting scenery wise - and I suppose one motorway is like the next - so it seemed like a long journey this time.  
But we had a lovely couple of days there - I already wrote here about the Fiesta and seeing Cirque du Soleil.
What about this for a mad family pic on the boat coming home from the beach :)

We played in a Castle - at Labastide Marnhac - for Cahors Folk Club - the audience was lovely - lots of different nationalities and I was very pleased to get my French song in - and everyone sang along :)

Playing in Cahors Folk Club 

the Castle Gate

Sunset through the castle window
With our friends Fini and Ger
Big sky that night

We had a lovely spin out for the afternoon in the their 2 CV - such fun :)   It's a real sunshine car :)

And a visit to a "vide grenier" - a bit more upmarket
than a car boot sale - ooh heaven - I love hoking through other people's junk :) 

The sunflowers fading out
Further North, near Montmorillion, we almost missed the sunflowers.   I had been watching out for them for Tina Downey's tribute and last year they had been magnificent - but this year they were almost ready for harvest and were hanging there heads … So for the entire trip I was searching for one perfect field - and got it eventually … here on Tina's tribute page.

While in the North we went to visit Oradour sur Glane - the martyr village which Charles de Gaulle ordered be left as it was after it was destroyed by the Nazis - a chilling experience.  I've posted lots of pictures here

So we're home again and back to porridge.
Did you have a nice holiday this year?
Do you ever take a busman's holiday?
I'd love to hear your stories.


  1. Hi Fil .. I think I take a busman's holiday all the time ... but honestly it's the best way of living life .. to the full - sounds like you experienced loads of things - great fun .. we're hot down here ... long may it last! I love the Bilbao area .. cheers Hilary

    1. They're definitely the best way to see around Hilary :) We're not too bad up here either - lovely warm afternoons - long may it last. Fil x


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