Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Some of the animals

The day after we arrived in Australia my lovely cousins took us out to Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria to see some of the local wildlife - a wonderfully relaxed way of spending the day after a long flight - I'd recommend it. It was very hot though, so some of the animals were very sleepy and staying in the shade.

Here's some of the residents...

Feeding the emus

Look at the colours of these guys - beautiful

She's got the food!! 

I can't remember the name of this bird, but it's a relative of the owls, not actually one. 

This raptor has a wingspan of 2.5 metres - huge bird

I don't want to meet him on a dark night

Or him ... although he's looking very proud and handsome here

Snakes alive

Tom having a chat with a baby wallaby


This fella was not for getting his photo taken -
feeding time is much more important than visitors to a Wombat

A Pelican hiding in the shade - how magnificent


  1. These are fantastic photos! So interesting to see such varied animals, even scary Mr Green Snake!Xx

    1. He's a bit bad looking isn't he!

  2. Hi Fil - probably made sense for you to have a sightseeing day ... and what a lovely place to view - the Healesville Sanctuary looks just amazing .. fascinating animals there ... cheers Hilary

    1. Definitely it was a great idea Hilary - the jet lag didn't set in until the day after.

  3. Wonderful photos and you look like you are having lots of relaxing fun - love the wombat :)

    1. Isn't he so cuddly looking! :)

  4. Great. Lucky you I would love to visit. Have a wonderful time and a successful trip.


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