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Wednesday 2 March 2016

Photo Scavenger Hunt February 2016

Many thanks to Jill, aka Greenthumb from Made with Love for hosting this monthly Scavenger Hunt - it's a great way to reflect on a month passing and to get a peak into the lives of the other participants.   We're finishing this month in Dubai having a few days holiday on the way to Australia and it is such a photogenic city - it can even survive my snaps.. 

Here's February's List

In the still of the day
I simply loved the greens in the mosaic of this fountain during the day 


Tom found a new friend - Ava is my 3rd cousin I think (always get confused in the once removed thing ) - her Dad is my first cousins' son - we met her family for the first time and had breakfast together - she just climbed up on Tom's knee and started singing for him.

The fountain from the first picture at night.

Somewhere you went

Crossing Dubai Creek in an Abra


The Skyline

A window frame, inside a replica Bedouin house constructed out of cane to allow breezes through

From a low angle
Everything in new Dubai is up - so many high rise buildings

On the shelf
A shelf of spices in the Spice Suq ... with frankincense burning in the foreground


I love the idea of a language that someone else can totally understand but it means nothing to me... the Arabic calligraphy is so different and very beautiful I think. 


The ceiling in Dubai Marina Mall


 Bracelets lined up in the Gold Souk - such opulence.


The Burg Al Arab and the Sail (Emirates Hotel) 
Thanks again Greenthumb for the prompts. 


  1. The Burg Al Arab is perfect for shape, what a super shot. Lovely to see Dubai again although it's changed so much since I used to go. I've often been to the gold souk.. in fact wearing two bracelets today that I bought there. I remember water skiing (or trying to) in the creek. Thanks for the memories Fil.

    1. Hi Fiona, I remember trying to waterski there once too - hilarious :)

  2. Hi Fil - wonderful to see these photos. What an adorable moment for Tom and you watching as Ava sat happily on Tom's lap and sang for him. The incense and spices must be so intoxicating to see. That green fountain mosaic does look just brilliant ... cheers and looking forward to more photos from down under... Hilary

    1. It was just delightful Hilary - the smile on his face says it all :)
      I loved the souk - although we were seriously hustled by merchants trying to sell you stuff, but still it was worth it.

  3. What a great collection of photos, enjoy your tripx

  4. These are such lovely photos that evoke many thoughts. How precious is the one of your little cousin on Tom's lap. A special memory indeed! And crossing the Dubai.. how wonderful. The mosaic..beautiful..and all of those spices. I love the aroma of frankincense... Thank you for sharing..and safe travels..

    Tamara <3

  5. Lovely pictures of such an interesting place, I particularly liked green, shape and shelf. Xx

  6. These photos are amazing!!! I can't get over how tall and skinny those buildings are!!!x

  7. Lovely set of photos, so different from were I live and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog..
    Amanda xx

  8. Such interesting photos. They're all great but some favourites are Up, Frame and On the Shelf. x


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