Saturday, 21 January 2017


A freezing cold Saturday afternoon at Lough Melvin while waiting for my Mum to finish an appointment. 

There was no skill whatsoever required in capturing this photo today - Nature did it all - what a beautiful sunset  and if the old rhyme is right we'll have another great day to look forward to tomorrow and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights tonight - I just might wait up for that.

January is coming near an end and I'm only just starting to feel like the New Year is starting - the bug I picked up before Christmas is still lingering leaving me with some days of absolutely no energy and other days fired up and ready to go.  Hopefully it'll be more of the latter as we head into February.  Now the other half has it too so we're in a very quiet, not very productive house at the moment - and I suppose that's the way things should go around Winter's darkest days - a good excuse for hibernation.

I wish you a lovely Sunday and an excellent week to come.


  1. Hi Fil - lovely shot ... the Channel is full of mist with some apricot pinks thinking it might cheer up, but the grey blanket creeps across again ...a nd it's cold! Hope you both feel better soon ... and then have a happy 2017 - cheers Hilary

  2. Sorry to hear you are not yourself, I hope that you feel better soon. It is a beautiful photo, and you did the most important part which was to take it!! Without you there would be no picture!

  3. Hope you both feel better soon Fil. What a fabulous picture. It's thick fog here - most unusual.

  4. Who doesn't like to hibernate... well, I do :) and you are right, dear Fil, what for an amazing picture of the exceptional nature you have around... and I am eager to know whether you have seen the northern lights, a dream for me! I am sorry that you are feeling that way, still with the bug lingering... I really hope you feel better soon, dear Fil! Hugs and kisses, a nice week for you!


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