Sunday, 20 May 2018


The bluebells are still in full glory in the garden

It takes me much longer to recover from tours these days, or maybe it's just that I'm being kinder to myself and taking the time I need to rest.  Whichever, I've been staggering through to the end of the past few weeks feeling like I've achieved nothing and the to do list has managed to get  longer.  But then I remember the gigs and workshops I've done (thank you for all the good wishes about the singing for lung health workshops - they are going really well and the gigs have been a joy),  the drives to my mum, the radio interview on the other side of the country - and I think, no wonder there's no washing done and the house is a tip.    

Whether it's that I'm getting older or that I'm a Libran, I just can't take decisions.   So I go through the days with random stuff coming into my head of must do this and have to finish that - and  I can't decide which to start with and end up doing nothing and getting more stressed.     

So I finally sat down the other day and did a list of Must Do, Should Do and Want to Do - it made it much easier to see exactly what needs to be done when.  So now, getting ready for the road again at the end of this week, I'm at least feeling ready and rested and excited - there's still a song or two to polish and words in German to learn, but that'll happen - the wonder of deadlines. 

I had a couple of hours in the hairdressers yesterday - trying to avoid the wedding - (£100k for a dress!! what the ...? ) and had a leisurely catch up on reading your blogs and putting up some photos.  Happily we also got a few hours in the garden and got it a bit tidier before today's rain - and off to view a vintage fair this afternoon ... happy days ... a relaxing weekend. 

Wishing you all a lovely rest of weekend.  

PS Thanks Kate for the macro tips :) 


  1. Sounds to me like you need someone to help with the housework Fil. Actually I believe the dress was more than that. I read Kim Kardashian paid $500k for hers from Givenchy. Hope you next tour goes well. Love the bluebells, don't see those here.

    1. The bluebells have been great this year Jo. Remember when they were worried that global warming would erase them - there was such an outcry.
      Imagine paying that amount of money for a dress! All I can think of is the number of people that could be fed for that.

  2. Another Libran here too. Very good at starting things....then starting more things and then having to go back to finish the original things and so the cycle continues or gets too much and I need a Nana nap!

  3. Hi Fil - does sound like a lovely weekend ... my Ma was a libran. Enjoy the travels away (again) - but for an excellent cause ... so glad the garden got a tidy too. Take care and all the best - Hilary

  4. Good luck for the coming weekend. I'm a Virgo & an awful procrastinator, so you're not alone & life so gets in the way at times. Take care & huggles.


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