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Friday, 25 May 2018

May 2018 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Joining in today with Hawthorn for the monthly Photo Scavenger Hunt - a list of words to illustrate with photos.
It's a joy doing this challenge each month and having a look back over the where, how and when of the past month, although most of my selection here seem to have a doom feeling about them ... sorry about that ... exasperation at the continuing cold I expect.   But  here goes.


A really cool evening a few weeks back.  I love seeing the low clouds.
That bare tree in the foreground never buds until the end of May and is the last to shed its leaves - every year I'm checking to see if it's dead and every year it fools me 
Thankfully the sun is now shining.  


I was doing a workshop over in South Armagh earlier in the month and in the foyer there was a big hoarding about the sinking of 'the Hannah' - unfortunately my photo is terrible of it, but it fits this prompt .  This was one of the famine ships.

and in case you're interested in shipwrecks here's an interactive map of over 4000 wrecks off the coast of Ireland - phew!  


Driving across the Queensferry Crossing (the new bridge over the Forth) in Scotland at the start of May, and looking over to the Forth Bridge in the distance and the Forth Road Bridge in the middle.  Confusing names.


Or should I say - no fences.  This is the border where I grew up.  
Both County Fermanagh(in NI) and County Donegal (in ROI) are in the province of Ulster - (it's incorrect to call Northern Ireland Ulster).  The lane in the third picture was what was once known as an unapproved road.  There are hundreds of them around the border counties. During the Troubles it was blown up by the army to then be filled in again by farmers needing to get to their livestock or to the bog.  I'm wondering how it'll be policed once Brexit lands.
looking East - North on the right

and West - Fermanagh on the left, Donegal on the right.
My home house is a few fields along on the left - our bog was on the right.

And looking northwards to the South!!  (Donegal is further north than this part of Fermanagh)


A really spectacular lump of fallen tree trunk in the woods with lots of prickly edges

My own choice

The bluebell wood at Narrow Water near Warrenpoint.
This is where the second part of the Woman in White was filmed apparently.
Summer always seems to arrive in May and the bluebells just smile at everyone.  Wonderful sight seeing wedding parties and young couples and people carrying babies in, all coming in to be photographed.

So that's it from me for this month .... I'll get time on the ferry tomorrow night (we're on our way to Germany) to have a look at everyone else's photos - a trip around the world in words and pictures.
If you fancy playing along or want to check out what everyone else has shown for these words, take a look here.  


  1. Love the low cloud in cool and the texture of that Huge tree trunk looks really interesting. Bluebell woods are so beautiful. 😁😁

  2. What's not to like in your photos? Seeing your disaster one reminds me I could have taken a photo of the memorial to Wallace Hartley, the band master on the Titanic. He came from Colne.... Love the big tree and of course the bluebells; too hard to pick a favourite one this month!

  3. An interesting collection this month. I love the old tree trunk and the bluebells - I had to go with bluebells too this month :)

  4. Your description of how Brexit may or may not affect you and your 'border' epitomises the confused course it appears (or not) to be going. Sigh. On the other hand - your bluebells are beautiful xx

  5. Love the bluebell wood photo & really must see one in full bloom one day. The story behind your fence photos really brings home what it must be like living in a divided country. Falling trees has been a popular one this month, all for different words (giggle). Ireland is on my bucket list & you make it look so enticing. Have a good trip & take care.

    1. Aim for the start of May Susan and if the winter has been cold the bluebells everywhere give a wonderful display for about three weeks. Hopefully we'll see you in Ireland one day :)

  6. Hi Fil - wonderful selection ... the Disaster Famine ship - loads of wrecks I imagine ... I heard of someone recently who was rescued off the Northern Irish coast in WW1 - he was lucky they survived ... most didn't - had to endure a long time in the freezing sea. Gorgeous bluebells - and your homeland ... I wonder what's going to happen. Enjoy Germany - cheers Hilary

  7. Lovely photos, gorgeous bluebells

    Julie xxx

  8. How can anyone not like bluebells? These are lovely, and I like the tree trunk too :-)

  9. Bluebells! How beautiful. So sad about the 'Hannah' and all the other lost ships too. Brexit distresses me deeply and I still can't come to terms with it. It's hard to know what will happen:)

  10. What an interesting selection. Thanks Fil :-)

  11. I so enjoyed your photos, especially the border without a fence (or a wall!)

  12. Lovely selection. That bluebell wood looks lovely. A bride standing amongst the flowers would indeed make a gorgeous ohotograph. Your bare tree should be in leaf by now.

  13. Ooh, the COOL photo and the Bluebells are my favourites. So pretty!!

  14. Thank you all for your lovely comments - and yes Jak, the tree was in full bloom by the time we got back. I've really enjoyed visiting all your blogs for this challenge ... See you next month.


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