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Monday 18 August 2014

CD Review - Colum Sands "Turn the Corner"

I like to share different music with you and what better than to let you hear samples of new recordings from some of my friends.

Let me introduce you to Colum Sands.   Colum is a great writer - one of my favourite songsmiths.   His songs are folk in the proper sense of the word - he writes about things that go on around him, things that happen to the folk he comes across.   And he has a knack of writing about sensitive subjects without offending anyone.
This is a very apt example - a song for these times we live in when children are being hurt all over the world.   "The Child Who Asks Why" is from the new CD Turn the Corner.

The title track, Turn the Corner, will become an anthem around these parts.   When you're driving home after being away for a while - you drive through the town of Warrenpoint and once your reach the end of the main street you see the water and the mountains in front of you and you must turn left to reach Rostrevor.   This song is about that turn in the road.

Another gem which will have audiences singing along is Annie I Owe You - a play on the vowels of English - and a song to make us think.

This CD is Colum's 9th, not counting the many recordings with his brothers and sister - as The Sands Family.    There's a song in praise of Rainy Days - not many people will make you think of the rain that way - and a beautiful song about the process of handblown glass.

The CD is available through Colum's website and folk music distributors world wide.

Colum can be heard every week on the airwaves as he presents the weekly BBC Radio Ulster Folk Programme - He tours regularly in the UK and in Germany as well as here at home playing folk clubs and festivals.

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