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Friday 12 June 2015

A week offline

Our neighbour who keeps the bees and grows Christmas trees in the field beside our house is now building a new house.  And in the first throes of clearing the site, the guy with the digger cut our telephone lines - woohoo!   Not!   One whole week we've been offline and out of contact.  No phone, no internet, no mobile, no cable tv.   (Our mobile phones are boosted through wifi cos we're so close to the border and have a terrible signal).

For the first day or two it was weird - driving into the village to sit outside the pub where there's a good global wifi signal - then for the next few days we realised we were getting loads done around the house and offline, but after the 5th day it turned to utter frustration having to go to a cafe in town to get a good enough signal to collect emails and check bank and do any work.

It was an interesting experiment.  Hopefully as this house progresses it doesn't become a repeat occurrence.  With a bit of care, the red tape he's put up to mark out the phone line will keep that digger in its place.


  1. Oh dear! This actually happens quite often I believe!x

  2. Oh no, we'll done from coping. This reminds me of when I was at uni and in the middle of a lecture all the electricity went off; a digger working on campus had gone through the main power line to the campus.

    We don't have broadband at home or TV but we do have our mobiles so I can sympathise with the sense of frustration because when the signal drops we're quite cut off.

  3. Oh dear, that's an ordeal! Not only having to leave the house and look for a cafe, but also, it costs money and loads of time every time you go to a cafe. Anyway, hope it never happens again. I know that emails have to be answered, accounts have to be checked, but being without internet for a while is kind of... good. Sometimes I travel to far places for 2 weeks and I tell everybody - out of the world :) It's like hibernating for 2 weeks :) I don't have internet on my mobiles, but I tell people that to contact, they need to text me :) It's maybe annoying to others, I think :) Well, as I said, I hope it never happens again to you, but in case you like astrology, what happened and when is explained by it - it was Mercury retrograde period :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. It's a rare thing these days to trip down memory lane to re-live what life was like pre-internet and pre-cell phone. 'Course now, if you want to actually experience pre-internet (i.e. clothing and accessories) you'll have to pay an arm and a leg for it.


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