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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Home concerts

What a shock to hear that David Bowie passed away 
and what a wonderful way to go, 
releasing an album just days before he left.  
In all the interviews I heard with him over the years 
I never once heard him doubting himself.
It was always about what he wanted to give to others.  
When I first came across him and bought the Hunky Dory album,
I was sure that he was an alien from another planet sent to earth to teach us.  

Good luck David, wherever your next stop is. 

There's already a little stretch in the evenings here in Co Down - it was lovely seeing the crescent moon last night (holding up the rain, my mother always says) and there's a fresh energy around to get things moving for the New Year.  
Before Tom and I head to Australia towards the end of February (boy, am I looking forward to the sunshine) we have two lovely concerts at home - at both homes - Belleek and Rostrevor.

Friday 12th February, 9pm

The Jolly Farmer, Clyhore, Belleek, Co. Fermanagh
(The Jolly Farmer is actually across the bridge in Belleek in Co. Donegal - so it's a cross border gig, literally).
This concert is in aid of our friend Peter McMahon's charity trip to Africa later this year with Niall Mellon Educate, where he and more than 200 other volunteers will be building a new school in the Townships in South Africa.

Saturday 13th February, 8pm
An Cuan, Rostrevor, Co. Down
This concert is to raise funds for the Southern Area Hospice where our friend Bronagh from my singer's group passed away last Spring.  

Have a great rest of week.   


  1. My hubby was pretty shocked about David Bowie, but he'd been listening to his new songs only days before. It kind of puts things into perspective, eh? Life is short. Live it without excuses.

    1. Very true Crystal :) Thanks for dropping by.

  2. The concerts sound amazing!!! good luck.I really liked David Bowie- he was a good guy, wasn't he!

  3. Hi Fil - David Bowie's passing is so sad - yet he went in such an extraordinary way ... I doubt many others have gone his way - I was thinking of the video accompanying the album - I suspect the lyrics will be equally thought provoking.

    I bet you're looking forward to Australia ... have fun with the concerts and they both look excellent and very relevant causes to support ... cheers Hilary

  4. For some reason I can't hit reply this evening ...

    @Kezzie - he certainly was unique ... wouldn't it be wonderful to have so little concern for what other people thought and just rely on your own creativity.

    @Hilary - Tom's been listening to the album and watching the video and he says it really makes you think.
    Hopefully we'll get good crowds for the concerts and raise loads of money for the charities.

  5. Good point, doubt is such a hinderence to creativity and success.


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