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Friday 5 February 2016

Scavenger Hunt January 2016

A huge thank you to Greenthumb from Made with Love for hosting this monthly Scavenger Hunt - it's a great way to reflect on a month passing and to get a peak into the lives of the other participants.   This month is a free choice of photos - much easier than trying to link to words, although I love that challenge.  

Here the weather has been really mild for January - we've seen the tail-end of various storms and of course the tail-end of Christmas and the new year parties but as yet nothing really cold.

So here goes.

The New Year's Party in Clare and Matthew's - generations of songs and tunes

I love the shadows thrown by this star
 we brought it home from Germany many years ago
and it's still a favourite Christmas decoration.

Only a smattering of snow yet
but doesn't Finn McCool look magnificent covered in a white blanket?

Flo had a big birthday and one of her friends
brought a long a mad selection of hats for us all to wear.
Here's Flo modelling one of them 
Tom modelling his lol

And I got the silly glasses too

The tailend of the American snow storms last week brought us howling winds
This poor bird was really struggling

Kettles on the Lough
The mountains lie at a strange angle here - like a T -
so an American airman told me once.  As a result,
when there's a wind, it whips up the water - the spray is called a Kettle.
They seem to dance across the water.
This isn't the best photo of one, but the best I could do!

All churned up - loved the light this day

Trying to capture the moon - this one at the end of the month

But finally got a passable shot of the stars and Orion's belt.
The lights of Carlingford across the water are giving that lovely glow. 

How has your month of January been?   Now that we're past Brigid's Day and the start of the Celtic Spring, Imbolc, there feels like there's a new ness in the air.


  1. Flo's party looks a scream. Hope to see you next month.

    1. It was a great idea having loads of different hats ... here friend has been collecting them for years :)

  2. I've enjoyed your selection of photos for the scavenger hunt challenge, especially when I clicked onto them to enlarge. The last one of the night sky is awesome. The mountain covered with snow so beautiful and the name of the spray caused by the whipped up water on the sea so poetical. You look as if you had a lot of fun at the gatherings.

    1. HI Linda - I was so happy with that night sky one but haven't been able to repeat it since :( don't know what I did right lol

  3. Hi Fil - love your hats and the party atmosphere emanating from the blog ... the star is lovely - no wonder you decided to keep it. Wonderful shots of your landscape ... love the loch shots ...

    Kettles - interesting to know the interpretation ... I'd come across when I was writing about Coasts in the 2014 A-Z .. here Kettles were fish weirs ... language changes - always interest me ...

    Cheers and enjoy February - you've lots going on ... take care - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - Aren't language changes fascinating - I love that too x

  4. The hats are wonderful and what a good idea for injecting even more fun into a party :) The landscape photos are full of incredible atmosphere and it's always lovely to see where people are from and what they can see close to home! Have a great weekend - Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. this challenge is lovely for getting a glimpse at people's environments - thank you for being so kind about these photos :)

  5. Beautiful photos. Your party looks like fun. Hope you continue to avoid the bad weather.

    1. Thanks Cait - it's so weird not being cold yet - I hope it's not been too bad up your way... At least there's been no flooding here. Enjoying your weekly photos too.


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