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Thursday 9 June 2016

Looking back on May

Now that I've started to thaw out after so much travelling this Spring, I'm enjoying looking back over our travels in Germany during May - we had a splendid time.

The first week at home after a long tour is like a whirlwind of emotions for me ... like, why on earth am I doing this?  I should have got a sensible job years ago and then I could retire like my friends are getting ready to do etc etc.   But after a week or so, when the garden has been suitably attacked and I've stopped missing my lovely cats who haven't been around for a few years now, then my mind instantly goes back to practice and planning.  So on Monday I was back at the desk getting a few bits into place for this time next year when we'll hopefully be travelling the Autobahns again (I do hope they have all the roadworks finished by then!)
So here's a few snaps ...

Canada Geese fattening up before the next stage of their journey
The Canada Geese were on Hallig Hooge when we were there - they're magnificent birds and protected by law which turns these islands into birdwatching holiday havens.  People come from all over to visit and to photograph them as they land mid journey.  If you don't know about Hallig Hooge, the lovely little not quite island off the coast of Germany,  read my blog here.
Hallig Hooge in the distance at low tide from Schl├╝ttsiel
The Hallig is totally exposed to the North Sea and can be very windy - I've come to the conclusion after our trip to Australia, that I really really don't like the cold - I was meant to live in warmer climes.
There's something very architectural about low tide.

Tom took this ridiculous photo of me with our friend Barney
at the Dyke on Hooge.
I was so cold - no matter how many layers I had on me,
including Barney's jacket over my own coat, jumper, tunic and T-shirt!!!
And to make it even worse, they were enjoying a heatwave back in Ireland :) 

Good use of an old boat outside Kiel

Rapeseed everywhere
Some of our audience in Eckernfoerde

House concerts are a new departure for us
This was in Susi and Oli's living room, 4 floors up in Berlin

An unexpected hour of sunshine at the beach at the lake

Wood piles everywhere - this one under a church
I love the architecture of cut wood - beautiful shapes

From Rostrevor to Annah├╝tte - we played lots of concerts in Churches,
and this one is one of my favourites, Henriettekirche

Don't be a sheep - not sure who this advert was for but it caught my eye

The formal gardens at the 10th century Monastery Kamp Kloster
We wondered how much work must go in to keeping this precision.
(I could use some of those guys to get my hedges in order)
The monastery there can name its abbots
right back to its foundation in 1123

Our ferry was changed from Cherbourg to Rosscoff - luckily we had allowed ourselves extra time to get there from our last stop in Luxembourg.   We ran into the start of the torrential rain that went on in France and Germany for nearly 10 days.  I have NEVER seen anything like the downpour in my life.  Sadly some people were hurt by lightning only a few miles away from where we were trying to battle our way through the storm.
Relieved to get on board the ferry, just missing the strike in France
and the sun was shining ... there's a fabulous sun deck on this boat.
It was lovely to catch up with old friends and make new ones along the road.  But I am very happy to be home for a while - hedges beware!!! 


  1. I am happy to see you again, dear Fil, and you look lovely! I hear of the lightning, yes, and I am glad that you are fine! The house concerts seem to be great, at churches for sure, and the Sein Kein Schaf means "don't be afraid: :) I loved to see and learn about Hallig Hooge and that beautiful boat as a door entrance, how creative is that! Now, enjoy being at home again and up to the next trip! Hugs and regards!

    1. Aha, that makes sense - Don't be afraid - I like it even better now. thanks Denise :)

  2. Hi Fil - sounds like you had a good time, and a fun time ... as you say catching up and making plans for next year already - sounds good. Photos are lovely ... and that cold - way too cold for me .. but the low tide is extraordinary isn't it ... love seeing it go right out ...

    Take care, enjoy the summer and decent weather ... and just being home - cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary .. yes, there's truth in the saying that there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed lol

  3. Hi Fil,
    I haven't visited in a while, but I still listen to your CD (that I won;)) and I enjoy the photos of your travels around Europe !
    I hope the warmth was still there when you arrived back home in Ireland ;)
    The weather, in my part of Canada, vacillates between 'bikini time' (I wish) and 'flannies' the very next day !

  4. What delightful pictures Fil, and I'm glad you had a lovely time. It's always best isn't it, when a good time away is topped off with a wonderful time back home - like perfect little bookends. And of course I'm smiling that it didn't take very long for you to be planning your next foray. You have traveling in your blood for sure.


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