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Saturday 17 March 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day

My shamrock is looking very bedraggled - but it is St Patrick's Day and I wish you all the luck of the Irish today wherever you are.  

it is absolutely freezing here with flurries of snow all day and the rugby final in Twickenham looked arctic - but Ireland WON!!!  Yay!

It's been a while since I summoned up the energy to write ... our house has been beset by this awful flu that's doing the rounds ... for a while we dragged ourselves to a couple of gigs, but eventually gave up and took to bed.  Thankfully we're both on the mend, slowly, but my energy is so low I can't get doing anything.  
Still one positive sign has started to appear - I'm bored silly - can't be bothered reading, much, or even watching TV, so this week it's back to work and hope the energy holds out.

Being self employed it's really freaky not working - you just can't show up for stuff so there's no money coming in and that really adds to the panic of not being well.   It certainly helps to get you back on your feet more quickly.

The sun was shining earlier in the week and I got out into the garden for 10 minutes - thankfully my lovely snowdrops haven't disappeared yet.   They're in the most awkward place and every year I promise to move them and each year the days fly on and they're still quite happily hiding in a corner ... maybe this year.

I hope you're all well and keeping warm in these northern climes and enjoying the beginnings of Autumn further south.


  1. Happy St Patrick's day to you Filx

  2. OK, as St. Patricks day has been, I'll congratulate Ireland for their win. Yes, autumn is on it's way here, though our temps have still been extreme & what with the winds today, it's been bad for bushfires all over Victoria. Got a bit of rain this morning after nearly a month of dry. You keep warm, take care & look after yourself.

    1. I've heard friends saying that Autumn has nearly passed you by this year - I hope the bushfires aren't too severe Susan. x

  3. Hi Fil - lovely photos ... and I do hope you'll be better soon - you're always on the go ... but Spring will, really will!, arrive soon - and congratulations on the Irish win ... cheers Hilary

    1. Cheers Hilary - hopefully all this cold means a good summer - I thinking it's been cold enough where you are too. Enjoy the Canadian spring.

  4. Oh, dear Fil... I hope you build energy soon and you are right, being self-employed has its perks, but also some cons. I am sure you will feel much better soon, spring is approaching! Meanwhile, if there's something you need, please count on me! Many hugs!


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