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Friday 15 June 2018

Dodging football

Most distraught that they've taken the Chase off for the next four weeks - I think there's something happening in Russia - must be more spy stuff!

I've been having a catch up week, getting posters out, more tour planning, getting back to my singing groups, catching up on accounts and tidying the house.   To that end I spent today loading stuff up to eBay to clear out some of the mountain of summer clothes I have, in all the varying sizes I've been.   Why do we keep buying summer clothes that only get worn for a few weeks a year if you're lucky!  Each year I swear I'll buy no more and then come the first rays of sun the bright colours are like magnets.   Mostly I buy in charity shops, but even so, it still fills space.   So I'm feeling very virtuous.

Last weekend we went out for a wander around Ballyshannon with my mother - and went back to the little fairy forest that I'd written about here in Spring before any of the trees had started to bud.

There's a lot more colour now and there'd obviously been bits of work going on from little fairy folk from the town.    

The place is delightfully un organised and haphazard and is on a flat walk so it's ideal for the elderly as well as the youngsters.

Have a lovely weekend, whether you're engrossed in, or hiding from, the World Cup.  


  1. Hi Fil - lots going on for you ... and yes football takes away from the tennis - but the little park looks lovely. Take care and achieve lots - cheers Hilary

    1. I'm already sucked into the tournament Hilary - no will power and I don't even like football, but it's fun cheering on the underdog. And then it's all tools down for Wimbledon - watching all these incredibly fit people as I sink further into the sofa lol

  2. I must do a clearout of my wardrobe too. Maybe in Spring!!!! I love your fairy wood, such a lovely place to walk close by. Have a great weekend & take care.

    1. Thanks Susan - yes, the clear out is very cathartic and I'm still finding more to get rid of. Have a good week.


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