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Sunday 5 August 2018

Happy Sunday

 Rossnowlagh Beach yesterday was quiet and peaceful.   The tide was out and the smell of the sea was just wonderful.  Not warm enough for sunbathing or swimming (for most people except a few hardy children) but the surfers were lying patiently in wait for the next wave to come in.   It was so calm they might have had a while to lie there I think.

We learnt to drive there - it's 3 miles long when the tide is out like this... This photo is a bit out of focus but I loved the quality of a painting in it.

 Sun glinting on the water added sparkle

 I love the patterns in the sand - it was great to get my toes into it.

 I wish you all a lovely Sunday and hopefully you are not getting scorched wherever you are.
We have a concert this evening over on the other coast in Newcastle and after a couple more studio sessions this week, we start packing for our HOLIDAYYYYYYSSSSSS.  Back to the sunshine - happy days.


  1. Hi Fil - the sea ... it is wonderfully soothing isn't it - I have a painting my mother gave me of the sand and tide ripples on Perranporth beach: great memories of Cornish days. So understand your pleasure of being there ... learning to drive on the sand - I too spent time driving at Perranporth. Have a wonderful concert and then preparations for a holiday - sounds a really good idea - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - I love the sound of Perranporth - the Cornish names are so mystical - I tell myself that's why I watch Poldark ;)


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