Reading My Way Around the World

Thursday 25 April 2019


Thank you all for understanding my need to rant the other day - and apologies for the bits of print that I'd copied in from Wikepedia and didn't spot the formatting - I wasn't intending to shout parts of it lol

In the midst of all the annoyance and chaos, as Aril pointed out, hasn't it been a joy to watch young Greta Thunberg making her quiet potent statements.   It will be interesting following her progress.  She is the positive we all need.

The bluebells have been really early here
I spotted this lovely ladybird late last week in the garden.
And on the positive note here, Tom got released from hospital today just in time for us to head off  on tour on Saturday, storm permitting.


  1. Hi Fil - it's good to vent your feelings here occasionally - the world is in a pickle ... let's hope the summer brings warmth and comfort for many. Take care and good luck with the tour ... sounds positive and uplifting and one can ignore other things ... so pleased Tom is on the mend. Cheers Hilary

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  2. No apologies needed Fil, we understand. Enjoy your tour & take care.

  3. Good news Tom is recovering well and able to accompany you. Enjoy!

  4. No apology necessary for saying things which need to be said.

    Good luck with your tour.


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