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Friday 29 May 2020

May 2020 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hello everyone,

How are you all coping with the continuing lockdown?  I'm finding that it's taking me even longer to get anything done and after 10 weeks I'm really relaxing into this pace of life. 

A few weeks back I fell and sprained my ankle and have been going slow ever since - but on Sunday we got out for a short walk for the first time in ages ... so much for my dreams of getting fit over this time.  Anyway ....

Today I'm joining in with Kate's monthly Photo Scavenger Hunt and most of the photos have come from that walk to Greencastle, a few miles from here, which is on the shores of Carlingford Lough at the mouth of the lough out onto the Irish Sea.   On the opposite shore is Greenore in Co. Louth. 


Well I thought it looked like a triangle anyway - and I love the shape of it .... a marker for the feighters coming in to Warrenpoint Harbour further up the lough. 


Oh how I love the dandelion clocks at this time of the year - it brings me right back to learning how to tell the time on them when we were children. 


I'm not going to show you too much of the Splat! here though you can see some of it at the bottom of the pic - we were slightly too late when we spootted the starling going to the corner of the roof - Tom went to close the hole but realised too late that there were already chicks - so we've had to stick with them - apart from the mess, they're sooooo noisy.   Thankfully they take only 3 weeks to fledge so they'll be going shortly - the little darlings:)  But they are fascinating to watch.   Another year swallows got in to the front porch - thankfully we've avoided that one!  I love nature :) 


I love the (almost) square windows in the Castle at Greencastle - it's a small castle here and dates back to Norman times - one of a series of lookouts right up the lough.   There are a lot of remnants of both Viking and Norman invasions around this part of the coast. 


A few years ago I was having a real photography phase and managed to get some half decent night time photos - I was really proud of this one.

Your own choice

The ferry moored up at Greencastle until times improve.   This crosses the border from here to Greenore and is a handy route for people working at the port across the way.  It's only been open for a few years so I hope this lay off doesn't impact their business in any way.   It's really handy for a day out to Carlingford or a quick route down to Dublin from the Mournes for tourists.

So that's it from me for another month - off now to join the other Scavengers from around the world to see what they've been up to this month. 


  1. I tried to comment but it vanished so I'm trying again. I like all your pictures and it's interesting to hear from a different part of the world. I'm envious of your starling nest. We have a wren's nest in a cable reel hanging on the wall of our shed so have to tiptoe in and out trying not to disturb the parents and the chicks. We can see their little yellow mouths peeking out.

  2. I like your triangle & love seeing coastal images. Ah, dandelions, definitely a childhood pastime. I think you already know I'm a bird lover & yes the bubs are always noisy & cast your mind back to Oz & can you hear our madcap magpies caroling & the cockies screeching? Thanks for sharing & like me I love this hunt too. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  3. What a wonderful walk, so many interesting things you have found to photograph. We have the same splat issue as you only it is sparrows for us, they are nesting in the eaves at the back of our house we have to be careful as we go in and out of the back door!

    I am sorry to hear that you sprained your ankle, that is painful, I am glad that you have finally be able to go out for a short walk.

  4. Your triangle photo is spot on, as I can see plenty of triangulation going on. I nearly used a photo of a dandelion clock but changed my mind! I do like your star photo but my favourite is the triangle.

  5. Hi Fil - glad the ankle is easing. Yes - I have been able to get on and do things ... but slowly and in my own time. I mentioned to someone I was 'peaceful' and had an immediately reply back ... that that was a really good way to be - so many are struggling ... thankfully I'm not.

    Love your square, circle, triangle - yes that's great, stars - wonderful photo ... I learnt today that the two 'stars' that first appear are the two planets - Venus and Mars ... then the stars show up ...and the light of the planets doesn't twinkle, whereas the stars twinkle away: live and learn!! Dandelion clocks ... such fun ...

    Fun post - which I thoroughly enjoyed - all the best Hilary

  6. Love the fact you chose the birds and their nest for splat... cat wait to tell hubby. His idea that he would be would be the only one thinking of that, as I was struggling with it LOL
    Lovely star picture, you captured that beautifully.

  7. I love your triangles. They remind me of those maths quizzes that ask 'how many triangles can you see in this picture'. I enlarged your picture to get a better look and decided against trying to count. There are far to many. We too have bird 'splat'. They love aiming at our car much to B's annoyance. Glad ankle better. If there ever is a good time to sprain an ankle it must be now. Plenty of time to rest it. Stay safe.

  8. Oh how wonderful! such a lovely selection - and 'snap' with our dandelion clock heads!! Thank you for joining in x

  9. So many lovely photos. I love the window scene and the night's sky is stunning!

  10. I think the triangle pic is perfect! Your walk sounds lovely and I have ancient castle envy ;o) One day I shall get to your lovely shores and visit every castle and aged building I can find!!
    We have starlings here in Tasmania too and oh they are a nuisance. Every small nook and cranny is fair game to them and they do make such a mess. I hope you manage to clean it out before they start another family!

    1. If we ever get back to Australia, Evi, I'd love to get as far as Tasmania - lovely to hear from you

    2. Oh do keep in touch then - we love to meet people! And we have a a great folk festival here in Tassie as well ;o)

    3. Ooh I must check that out

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments - it was great to have a focus and lovely to see all your interpretations too.
    Thankfully the starlings have flown the coop and the hole has been patched up - like Jak said, now the car's the target lol


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