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Sunday 3 January 2021

Hope is Contagious

Hello dear friends.   Thank you for all your new year's greetings.   I hope you've had a gentle move into 2021.  
I got a lovely card from an acquaintance in Germany who amidst a message of wishing us well and hoping we'd see each other soon said, 
COVID-19 is very contagious, especially in its new variation, but 
HOPE is also very, very contagious indeed, in all its many variants.  
What a lovely sentiment to start the new year.     

And it's been a gorgeous start here.   We've been getting out for a walk in the hills each day (new year, new decisions of course .... ) and today our bones and muscles were aching so we had a very short stroll.  
The sky kept changing and it was a wonderful way to walk into the sunset.  

I love the colours of the sky at this time of the year but haven't yet figured out how to reproduce them on camera - but it's fun trying.   

Of course as soon as I came in, the fire really started over the mountain.  

Have a good week and stay safe.   


  1. HOPE is also very, very contagious indeed, in all its many variants..... that is wonderful🤗
    As are your sunset photos, I was out doing similar things, walking and photographing the sunset this afternoon too, can never replicate the amazing beauty of it!

    1. It's so hard to catch isn't it! but your photos are so good Kate ... x

  2. Oh Fil, can you believe that HOPE is my word for this coming year after reading Kate's and a few other blogs that were choosing one significant word for 2021 & I actually wrote a dialogue for this coming week whilst in the car yesterday to have a day out with DD & family. I love your sky photos & my camera had a workout too, but oh dear, it was mostly "trees" again & I forgot to take it with me on part of the walk after lunch. Thanks for sharing your walk & card word. Take care, stay safe & huggles.
    PS: Must catch up with your cousin soon.

  3. Hi Fil - love the angel looking out over the gentle fire above the hills. Hope can have wave after wave, hope is so often the only thing that keeps some people going ... let's just hope the world comes right soon (very soon). Take care and enjoy those walks - Hilary

  4. I love the photo of the angel looking at the beautiful sky above the hills. I just wrote the same thing somewhere, winter here also produces wonderful clouds.


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