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Saturday 24 April 2021


Happy Earth Week to you all - hasn't it been a beautiful week to celebrate.  And our scavenger photos all tie in with that with the prompt quite simply being 


Where to start with this one ... when I was going through my photos I came up with a motley selection  looking around the wonderful place we call home and all the aspects of Earth I could find.

Old wood in the Bluebell Wood

Fired clay - made by my friend Birgit in Germany - I love this lady

In a salt cave in the Loire Valley in France

Mountains and Forest and Lakes in Cumbria - how splendid

Young spinach growing in a rusted wheel rim on the beach

The lane beside our house leading to the sea - I imagine hobbits walking through there.

The earthy smell of mushrooms growing wild

From earth to sky

Rock formations along the beach here - I love the colours.  

What a magnificent planet we live on - isn't nature marvellous.  

Thank you to Astrid for the prompts and for nudging me to look through photos.   I had had plans to get out with my camera this week and find new shots but had prepared these in advance just in case and I'm so glad I did.   For the first week in ages I had several things planned, the main ones being to finish another song, get up to the bluebell wood, get my second jab, finally get outside to meet with some friends for lunch, and in between finish my new veg patch in the garden.  Instead .... I've spent the week in bed with some flu virus ..... how is it possible after shielding and cocooning and masking and washing and distancing blah blah blah.  oh dear.   Anyway I just heard today that it's been doing the rounds which never makes it feel quite so bad when you know someone else has it too and isn't dying - I swear, I had my bag packed in my head to go tot he hospital during the week!  my temperature has come down to almost normal and the appetite is slowly coming back and I'm getting a little bit of focus back to be able to write and read a wee bit.   I promise I will be 1000 times more careful when I go to the supermarket again and I'm already careful.

Anyway thank you Astrid for the Photo Hunt - you can check out what the others have been doing HERE


  1. What lovely, lovely photographs. Gorgeous, all of them. I love your take on this week's theme...our beautiful Earth. Sorry about the flu and hope you are really on the mend now. Take care and get well. xx

  2. Sorry to hear about the flu, I hope by now you are feeling much better. I love your photos, especially the mushrooms and the rock formations, but my favourite is the moon through the trees, I think it has rather an ethereal quality about it.

  3. Oh Fil, some of the most amazing photos there & yes you must live in a very beautiful place. I'm with you on how wonderful/beautiful our planet is. As for your flu bug, they found here in & around Melbourne with the kids off school for about 7 to 9 months, everyone wearing masks/sanitising etc., tummy & flu bugs spread quite rapidly as our immune systems had been compromised from all the shielding we were doing & so little contact with others. Rest & take it slowly & stay safe. Hugs from down under. Need to catch up with P & T soon.

  4. Each one of these photos is fabulous - so many delightful treasures! I'm so sorry to hear you were hit with a worrisome bug, but am really glad to hear you're on the mend. Be safe and well!

  5. Love all your photos. So hard to pick a favourite, possibly the Bluebell wood. As for you getting flu, well poor you. Life is not fair at times! I hope you are better now and I'm keeping even more away from people!

  6. Oh no! Poor you getting the flu! What rotten luck! I had a horrid cold back a few weeks before Easter which made me really miserable so I understand your woe at catching something when you've barely been unmasked near the great unwashed public!
    Your photos are wonderful! I almost smelt those mushrooms with you! Love all the textures and colours and that moon photo is so ethereal!

  7. How lucky for you to see so many beautiful places on our lovely planet, Earth. I love the moon photo, but I think the lane with your hobbits walking down it is very special! Wouldn't that be a sight to see?

  8. Hi Fil - those are gorgeous photos ... particularly that path to the sea - delightful to see ... thank you - enjoy the coming of Spring ... cheers Hilary

  9. Wonderful photo's. Think my favorite is the spinach growing in the rusted thing on the beach. That just seems so unusual. Sorry you were sick. Did you get tested for Covid? Some folks are getting it after the first shot before they've gotten the 2nd shot. Glad you're feeling better now. We've not mingled with anyone until after 2nd shot and they've had 2nd shot. I'm still ordering groceries on line and doing curbside pick up.
    Take Care.


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