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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Studio days Part Two.

Brendan's back for a second session to complete the basics of all the songs for the new CD.
A wee chat with Tom to start ...
 I'm doing guide vocals in the sitting room - Brendan's in the studio with Tom ...

The album keeps changing direction - it hasn't decided where it's going yet ...  I don't know how he keeps the idea in his head of where the track is going to .... a bare guitar that will leave room to be eventually coloured around by other instruments - a bit of bass or fiddle or accordion and definitely percussion ... and last but not least my voice.   Oh how exciting this process is this time.  

It was 20 years ago when we released the first album, The Light Beyond the Woods - I was in awe of all the musicians and hadn't a clue really as to what was going on.   I have never been happy with my voice on that CD but it lead me onto a journey of discovery that started me teaching other people to help them get over stage fright and deal with the beliefs that they couldn't sing.

It's been glorious today - the first sign of Spring in the air -  we could go out without a coat for a short while.

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