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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Germany and Holland April 2012 Easter trees and Hallig Hooge

We're just back from our trip to Germany and Holland ... The tour was great - really enjoyable concerts everywhere we played .... It was the first time Tom and I had been back to Germany as a duo for many years and we both had a blast...  finally got him singing more than harmonies and we are home now with plans to get him singing on the new CD!!!!    It's only taken me 25 years coaxing lol.

Here are some of the images from the trip....

Easter Trees .... 
this was the first thing to hit us in Germany ... loads of the houses had trees festooned with Easter eggs but inside and out ... it was really cheerful.

 This thatched house was on the road from Kiel to the ferry out to Hallig Hoegge... very quaint....

Hallig Hooge is amazing .... a salt plain or salt meadow would be the correct description .... these islands are below sea level and have a small dyke protecting them from the North Sea.
As you approach by boat you can just see a few little bumps ....
.... and as you get closer you see that there are houses built on each bump which is called a Waft .... there are 9 Wafts on Hallig Hoegge and a total of 110 residents .... The Canada geese were there at the same time as us - what a wonderful noise.

This was where our pension was for the night.

Tom getting set up for the gig .... look at the wonderful tiles on the wall - very dutch and very old .... It was the best acoustics for a venue that we've ever played in I think...  

Check out more about the Hallig at 

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