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Tuesday 9 December 2014

Will we have a White Christmas?

The shops around here started playing Christmas songs early in November!!   Drives me crazy ... so I stay out of them or else I become a grumpy old woman and who wants one of those around at this time of the year.

But now it's safe enough - around the time that the weather men start talking about whether or not we'll have a White Christmas.

It'll certainly be time to have another viewing of Holiday Inn or as it's called now "White Christmas" - that film would bring a tear to a stone.

But to keep me going until then, here's a splendid version of the song that my friend Laura sent me earlier today .... couldn't keep it to myself ...  Sung by the gorgeous honey voices of The Drifters.

All together now, sing along ....


  1. Hi Fil .. I just suppose the snow might be around over Christmas?! Don't want to 'frighten' you ... lovely version .. cheers Hilary

    1. It's already on the hills here Hilary - I love snow at this time :) You've had really bad storms ...stay warm and safe.


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