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Friday 10 April 2015


The Atlantic Ocean at Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal
When we were children our big treat was a day at the beach - in either Bundoran or Rossnowlagh.  

Rossnowlagh was special because it had a really long beach - there were always sandwiches and tea from flasks, no shops worth speaking of and it was great for building sandcastles.   And as evening approached there was always the spectacle of someone getting their car stuck in the sand having parked in the wrong place - that's a mean memory really - but it happened to everyone - once!

On Easter Monday we went for a walk on Rossnowlagh Beach.   The place was packed.
There are still no shops, but a few more caravans selling ice cream and now they've become more modern - someone was selling crepes.   And a van selling wetsuits and the surfing experience.  And there were still the young fellas getting their cars stuck.  Thankfully all were rescued before the tide came in fully.

Rosnowlagh was where I learned to drive.  In the South (of Ireland) you didn't need someone with you when you were learning to drive.  So we'd head for the beach and you had miles of great sand with no people around in Winter time and nothing that could be hit.  Later we'd take the dog there - let him run, while we'd practice our driving.  Poor Spot was wrecked at the end of it.

Today there were loads of people in the water - lots of people on surf boards, body boards and canoes and several kids just in splashing about.   It's very early in the year to be in the Atlantic, but they had wet suits on.   We were well wrapped up to even go walking and the sight of bare shoulders and bare feet paddling in the water just made me shiver - I must be getting old :)

The Life Guard tower - beautifully painted up.
We're trying to hold on to as much of this week as possible without getting back to work.  I need to get back into the studio over the weekend for a few hours but that's all until Monday.  Still, it's good to be doing what you love.

It's been great catching up on all your blogs for the A to Z challenge.   I must say I'm not missing it this year - it was the right decision for me to sit it out.   But there's some fascinating themes.   I'm loving Hilary's essays on aspects of Cornwall and Deborah's look at the various faces of the Fool archetype.  

I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend.  


  1. Sounds a wonderful beach. I remember beaches of my childhood too. Riding donkeys comes to mind.

  2. Oh it sounds a brilliant place! I love the memories x

  3. Hi Fil - yes we did that sort of thing too .. now "our" beach is part of a National Trust place ... we had to clamber down the cliff-dunes ... no cars could get there and doubt they can now .. but there'll be steps!!

    Wonderful memories and thanks so much for the shout out .. cheers Hilary

  4. What a lovely view of this beach, hopefully warm enough soon to swim in without wetsuits.
    Thanks for sharing pictures of your corner of the planet ;)

  5. It looks like you had great fun and remembered good times :) As for the A to Z, I think with all the other things you are doing at the moment you made the right decision. I always think Hilary is a wonderful writer who appears so at home with her subject matter but II have only just taken to reading Deborah's posts through your shout out and have found them fascinating :)

  6. Finnegans shop at Rossnowlagh post office is open all year round selling grocery,ice cream,wine,newspapers,beach toys,fishing tackle,coal and gas and surf rental,call in next time your here for an 99.

    1. Hey there - I've been in your shop many times. Love it -- but it's nice that there are still no shops right down on the beach.


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