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Monday 19 September 2016

No rheumatism there.

I spotted this video coming up in a list underneath a video that one of my friends posted on Facebook - it really made me smile.  And as Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens again it seems appropriate. As my father would have said "There's no rheumatism there!"

Have a great week with lots of energy and smiles.


  1. What for a video, I loved it, dear Fil! Really amazing and I loved what your father used to say "no rheumatism there" :) Certainly not, she is amazing! I wonder whether she follows a choreography or dances spontaneously! It doesn't matter, either way she is amazing! Hope you have a very amazing week, dear Fil! Hugs!

  2. OOoh, what amazing swivels she has! Fun Charleston takE!X

  3. Hi Fil - I'm not sure your casual is the right word ... brilliantly rehearsed and efficient perhaps. She is amazing - relaxed is better!

    What an incredible video - thanks for sharing - oh if I had musicality and if I could dance ... ah well - back to other things!! Cheers Hilary


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