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Friday 30 September 2016

September Photo Hunt

Joining in today with Hawthorn's monthly scavenger hunt.   I love this challenge of putting pictures to her words.   Go and check out the link and play along if you fancy joining in and have a look at all the other wonderful photos from around the world.  

September  has been a crazy month - it's my birthday month which I love - we're on tour at the moment in Scotland and before that we had a load of gigs, plus my poor mum had time in hospital so we were on the road a lot, between visiting, working and caring.   Thankfully all's settling down now.  

So here's this month's mix and match of tenuous links :)

We're evicting spiders constantly at the minute - boy can they spin webs quickly
you get rid of them and five minutes later there's another cobweb somewhere
This one was outside the window - aren't they simply fabulous when the rain falls on them


This windmill looked like it had lost a blade, or was only half built
in the Borders of Scotland


I know this isn't what you traditionally think of as Filigree, 
but I couldn't take my eyes of the beautiful patterns in the Forth Bridge
To me, it looks like lace.

We played a gig early in September on the Tall Ship Soteria on Newry Canal
This was our view before setting sail
OK, another tenuous link - This is in the inside of the lighthouse lamp
at the smallest working lighthouse in the world in Queensferry
The smallest lighthouse in the world
Well, almost asleep, with one eye open.  
This was Mr Magoo - one of two beloved cats who have now passed
- his sister is in a picture below.
Probably the only thing that would make me stop touring is having another couple of fur babies 


Greencastle, Co. Down at low tide.
Hydrangeas drying to a beautiful vintage colour

Sheba, following Tom for a walk on the beach.  I can still feel her fur in my head ... Sigh ..
She and Magoo were left in a box at the doorstep of an office I was doing some temp work in
I took them home for the night and he stayed for 10 years and she for 13 years. 

The new bridge across the Firth of Forth to be called the Queensferry Bridge I think
Apparently somebody commented that it was a good idea
to leave  a gap to stop people driving on it before it opened!!
Seriously though, it looks like it defies gravity - 2 parts hanging in mid air.

With thanks to Hawthorn for organising the monthly Scavenger Hunt.  Great fun.   Off now to see everyone else's pics.


  1. It's cool that you posted a picture of the Queensferry bridge. We drove past it on the way to Hopetoun House for our work's award ceremony at the start of the month.

    1. It's fabulous - really stunning to see the three bridges together.

  2. Wow, lovely photos ☺ and the stories that accompany them are so interesting. Cats do that to you, they fill such a large part of your life, when they go they then leave such a big hole. Best lateral /tenuous link goes to Bright-very clever!

    1. Haha :) Thank you for that - I was wrecking my brains with only one day left to get a pic

  3. Hi Fil - lovely photos - it's spider time. Great selection of pics you've given us ...

    The bridge space .. when they connect the temperature and ambience have to be just right for the last steel to click into place before being secured. I think they've been building bridges this way for many decades - certainly the Sydney Harbour Bridge was ...

    Happy Birthday and enjoy the coming year with lots of fun and good luck with the tours. Hope your mother will improve and be stable for you ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary - the improvement is going to be slow, but hopefully she'll get there.
      Bridges are simply amazing bits of technology aren't they

  4. I liked your photos and think the tenuous links are wonderful! I find bridge building fascinating but my favourite photo is the filigree one. Now that is filigree on a big scale!

    1. Haha :) I thought so too - couldn't take my eyes off it.

  5. I love to see your pictures and the explanations, dear Fil! I like bridges and webs, too, and the first does look lice lace, it reminds me of filigree for sure (I tend to associate filigree with brooches and earrings :) cause my mum gave some to me) and I loved the rain drops on the web! The smallest lighthouse in the world looks sweet and Mr Magoo and Sheba too... so nice that you adopted them and they were with you for 10 and 13 years... and I am sorry about your mum being in a hospital, good that she is better now! And yes, you are a Libra, so you had your birthday late September, hope your new astrological year is superb! Many gigs and many smile! Hugs and regards, dear Fil, wherever you are!

    1. Many thanks Denise - I had a splendid birthday in Scotland - this is a nice time of the year to be here.

  6. Love your interpretation of all the words. I love the bridge ones but it is the autumn colours of the hydranga that I think is my favourite. I understand your feelings about missing your fur babies. Our cat Jak was sadly put to sleep at the age of 14 two years ago as he was ill and we still miss him terribly.

    1. Oh it's a terrible hole and I"m so sorry about your Jak.
      I thought those hydrangea colours were gorgeous.
      Thanks for dropping by. I'll be over to yours now. Fil

  7. Love the bridge pics (both) and your interpretations to go with them. Ah, 2 cats which is what we had a long time ago, mother (18yrs) & daughter(14.5yrs) & still miss both. Take care.


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