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Monday 10 October 2016

Last tour of the year - Around Scotland

Stirling Castle
It seems strange to realise our touring year is over - I have loads to do and projects to plan, but I kinda feel bereft not having any concerts to worry about or look froward to for several months.   How-and-so-ever, that's how the planning went for this year (note to self: don't let it fall this way again if possible) and it's quite fortuitous in a way as we have a new album in the planning stages plus uncertainty with family health matters and so on.  So I'll be coming up with various tricks to keep myself engaged and not get so far removed from it all that I start wondering what I'm doing!!

But we had a lovely time in Scotland.  It was great to catch up with friends and revisit clubs we've been to many times over the years and also take in a couple of new venues.   The weather turned almost overnight from Summer to Winter the day before we left so I ended up taking a suitcase full of unsuitable clothes but before we got home Autumn had arrived in all its glory.

We travelled almost the full length of the country this time, starting in the Borders where we hooked up with a wonderful textile artist friend Mirjam - the Borders are simply beautiful at all times of the year - rolling green fields and the classic Scottish granite buildings.

Then it was up to Fife to see some more friends in whose house we did a very enjoyable house concert and spent a day travelling around the Forth Bridges and St andrews and even got to see Minnie the Minx and Desperate Dan in Dundee - lovely city which I'd like to see more of.
The sails of the supports on the new Bridge
across the Firth of Forth
A mini  version of us set up by the lovely Ciara
before our house concert at her Gran's -
I wish all the instruments were this small :)

Minnie the Minx

Desperate Dan and Dawg
Not sure what he was advertising on his shirt
From there further north, first to Stonehaven and then on up to Portsoy an area we'd never been to before.   It is simply glorious up there.

Blue skies and blue sea - fabulous Sunday walk at Portsoy

The remains of the Salt House

Topping up the Vitamin D reserves

The Old 17th century harbour
Then back southwards again - to Stirling and then Glasgow and down the Ayrshire Coast home.
Someone recently was singing about Gold Bars in the Sun
 .... referring to these bales ... beautiful.
Ailsa Craig - next stop Ireland 

Every Scottish town has a signpost as you leave, saying "Haste Ye Back" - Aye indeed we will.   Can't wait to see you all again soon.


  1. Oh it looks so utterly amazing!

  2. ...those waters are just beautiful. I bet they are cold too!

  3. Looks gorgeous. Desperate Dan?? Takes me back a long way. A very long way. Went to a restaurant in the Medway Towns a while back and they served a Desperate Dan Cow Pie. Matt had one, I didn't. How does your friend pronounce Mirjam. Asked someone else but never got an answer. I am assuming something like Miriam?

  4. Hi Fil - Haste Ye Back ... sounds a lovely way to say goodbye as one returns south and west in your case. Stunning views and I'm so happy you had some fun events and times up there ... love the butcher's vehicle! Cheers Hilary

  5. Really amazing, dear Fil, all the pictures, the landscape... Scotland is indeed so amazing! The 17th century harbour was super sweet and Desperate Dan is nice :) I think it was really like recharging batteries, to be in such a place, although there were gigs, but they are also fun, I am sure! Hope that all health problems are soon gone and that you go to Scotland soon again! Hugs, dear Fil, and a nice day!

  6. I think you would've passed by my little island on the way home. Next time you'll have to add Bute to your list of stops. ;-)


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