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Friday 28 April 2017

How the spaceman helped the autistic boy

I love this story from Limavady near Derry.

It's about a young autistic boy who had hardly spoken and never managed to string a sentence together until the age of seven when he watched Tim Peake take off to the International Space Station and joined in the countdown much to his mother's surprise.

Since then, Grayden hasn't stopped talking, is fascinated by Space and has even met Tim.   Read more about it here.

Joining in today with the We Are The World Bloghop - spreading good news to balance out all the negative stuff in the world today.


  1. That sounds a lovely story! Interestingly enough- in the book I am reading, something similar happened to a small girl who was an orphan- she didn't speak until she met a Peke dog!x

    1. It's amazing what can spark a child's interest and it's so good to hear any good news stories at the minute. Have a great weekend Kez

  2. This is a smile-inducing post. It's wonderful that one person can make such an impact on a boy with autism. I believe it shows that disabilities can be overcome with even the smallest occurrence. Thanks for sharing and for participating in #WATWB. I hope you'll join us in May!

  3. What a wonderful story Fil.

  4. I didn't catch this story over here in England but what a wonderful one it is. One of my cats once inspired a little boy to speak his first words too and I can well remember the look of sheer delight on his grandmother's face as well as her fierce hug :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  5. Hi Fil - what a fantastic story ... I hadn't realised this ... so thanks for telling us about Grayden ... Tim Peake has a way with kids and teaching ... lovely to read about - so heart warming ... cheers Hilary

  6. Thanks Fil. This is just delightful. May Hayden see all the stars he wishes. Both those in space and those who serve their country traveling there. Thanks for joining our Blogfest :) Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB

  7. A wonderful story
    (by the way: I'm an autistic woman, that makes my life not always easy..)


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