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Sunday 27 August 2017

Sunday Catch Up

I loved this statue in Kilmarnock
My life has been very much in two parts over most of this year - writing and preparing a new CD in the weeks my energy has been good, and lots of knitting, bits of reading blogs and even more reading books during the months when it wasn't.    

I've knit lots of pieces both for myself and for my friend Belinda's craft shop and had a much longed for excuse to experiment and have fun with different weights and textures of yarn.   My dream has always been to have a go at designing but my knowledge of textiles and drape wasn't great - I've learned a lot.  So I suppose that's one thing to be thankful for for a prolonged bout of whatever it was I had/have.   

But for now, it's the last days of Summer, and we're both looking forward to a short holiday in Brittany - cannot wait.  And with luck, fingers and toes crossed, we'll get some sunshine to get the Vitamin D levels up for the colder days.

The focus of this next winter is going to be rest and health but hopefully with enough energy for new term time adventures with Singmarra, a trip to England to do some gigs in November and our new CD - Together - which will be released in September.

Blogwise I've been going through, and deleting or editing a lot of drafts that for some reason didn't get posted, so I'm feeling a little bit prepared for the next few weeks at least.

But for now, cough cough achoo - back to bed.

Have a lovely week and a great start to the Autumn.
Just some of my reading
in past months - might even
get around to reviewing
some of them


  1. Hi Fil - we all need space and time to adjust and you've always lots going on ... just have a wonderful time in Brittany - an area I'd love to spend some time in ... so now enjoy - cheers Hilary

  2. What a delightful statue - and what an impressive pile of books Fil. While I'm sorry to know you've been coping with an extended bout of feeling-less-than-optimal, it sounds like this has been the kind of "between time" that is rich in it's own way. Offering insights and quiet opportunities to dive deeply, and just all kinds of invitations to find ways to nurture yourself.

  3. This is a beautiful post, as usual, dear Fil, to remind us that some breaks are necessary - I am glad you will soon be in Brittany, a place I do love - and i wish you a great time there, relaxing, with fun, adventures, happiness! And reading is sooo good... I guess knitting too :) I started knitting once, because my mother was excellent on that, but she didn't have the patience to go on (it must be hard seeing a beginner making mistakes) and I didn't have the patience to insist :) Reading is fantastic for everything, mind and soul, and I hope you are taking care of the cough-achoo :) Please relax, so that in the winter you will have enough energy for anything! I m eager to see you again - I hope we do it in January! Hugs and kisses!

  4. You deserve a break!! I am coming to the end of mine and it has been great and much needed!x


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