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Sunday, 24 September 2017

September Days

It always feels slow in September to get back into the swing of things.   I love the longer days of Summer where there's no appointments and no hurry (and this year no sun... humph).

Then appointments and deadlines start to creep in and somehow the weeks get shorter - how come it's the weekend again can anyone tell me?

So while the berries appear and leaves start to fall, slowly things get pulled back into some sort of order.

I remember reading a comment from David Hockney once that Winter has the most light because the bare branches of the trees let in so much more light - read the post here - and it feels a bit like that in work too - more clarity comes in the early days of Autumn.   Maybe it's because this is my birth month too and always feels like a new beginning.

Talking of David Hockney, if you happen to be in New York the Metropolitan Museum of Art is scheduled to exhibit David Hockney, which showcases the artist. Hockney will also be featured in the upcoming exhibition David Hockney: 82 Portraits and a Still Life at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. There's an organisation called who are trying to make art accessible to everyone and are assisting in promoting various exhibitions.  The Met always sounds so grown up and arty to me - one of these days I'll perhaps get a chance to visit.  

Anyway ... I digress.

Back at the end of July I told you that we had completed our new album in time to launch it at our festival - it was very last minute and we were lucky to get a short run of CDs made quickly.
The rest of the main run of CDs arrived at the weekend. Woohoo!!  It's always really exciting to get those boxes of perfectly wrapped little bundles of music - when they're shrink wrapped and ready for sale they feel so much more real.

So we are now finally in a position to start promoting the album and over the coming weeks we'll slowly be getting them out to radio and to magazines.

In answer to a question on one of my blog post weeks ago,  there are lots of ways to hear what we've been creating ....(I'm such a bad business woman not to have answered sooner! sorry Kate)

The new CD is now available to download through iTunes and you can listen on Spotify (please follow if you're listening in there).   You can hear snippets of all the songs on my website here - at that link you can also download the CD from CD Baby.  And if you'd like an actual physical CD you can buy directly from us here at Ballyneddan Cottage.

We've also updated the tour lists for the next while.

Over the coming months I'm planning to write a bit about the stories behind the songs -  they are all stories from here or from our travels, with several having political rants attached.  So be warned.

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend.  

We enjoyed listening to this busker at the market in South Brittany
during our short stay last month - this was the only day it didn't rain! 


  1. Hi Fil - lovely post ... I wish I'd got to the Hockney exhibition at the RA - but didn't ... it was when my mother was still alive. I did see some of his work at the Tate ...

    So glad you went across to Brittany - somewhere I need to get to sometime ... as well as Normandy!

    Good luck with the CD ...and well done on all your work load -at the moment it is lovely - but we haven't had as much rain as you ...

    Cheers to those autumn berries ... Hilary

    1. Thank you so much for your good wishes Hilary - yes, do get over to Brittany - it's so close to you and I love it because the people there let you try out your bad French (or bad in my case anyway).
      I think we saw a Hockney exhibition in Liverpool - is there a Tate gallery there? It's very iconic art.

  2. What a lovely project to enter autumn with Fil - wishing you much joy and wild success with your new album!

    1. Thank you very much Deborah - I'll try and not bore everyone with it over the next couple of months :)

  3. It's lovely to see you got the box with the CDs, dear Fil! I am eager to buy one - will do so when in Northern Ireland early next year! Directly from you, like you said! I like autumn, and I agree with you, birthdays are like new beginnings! So, I hope you have a nice autumn and that you enjoy your birthday, dear Fil! Time is flying so fast, yes... Unbelievable that we were talking some months ago and now in less than 3 months we have Christmas... Hope you have a lovely week! Hugs!

    1. Ah, can't wait to see you over here again Denise - you have to come visit this time.
      Yes, I feel that the birthday marks a very definite start of year for me - I'm busy throwing stuff out at the moment. And don't mention the C word!! there's already decorations in some of the shops here - too early lol
      Have a lovely week. xx

  4. Congratulations on the CD! That is fab.
    I have never heard that about light in the winter but often actually, you do get some fantastic light in the winter AND maybe appreciate it more because there is so much less of it!


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