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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Have guitar. Will travel.

And we’re off.  Out over the Irish Sea.

So excited to be heading out on the road again.  
Playing at a couple of new-to-us folk clubs near London first.

Loughton in Essex on Thursday 26th
Barnet, north London on Friday 27th 

Then driving north over the weekend- stopping for a night in Northumberland -(and I’m hoping to fit in a visit to Barter Books en route - thanks Kezzie for that tip).

Then two more clubs in Scotland

Stirling on Monday 30th
Glasgow on Tuesday 1st May. (Gosh May already)

We’re looking forward to hearing some great floor spots - the songs are always very different from region to region and it's one of things we both enjoy most about playing folk clubs.  (If you're not familiar with folk clubs, a lot of clubs devote  the first part of the evening to members who perform a couple of songs each - there can be as many as 3 performers before each set, and as few as one support act - that's known as a floor spot.  In fact I think Barnet Folk Club has half the night as a singaround/session and the second half will be us)

If you know someone living near any of these clubs who may be interested please pass on the info.  


  1. Hi Fil - just enjoy yourselves ... the countryside will be lovely now - granted Ireland has rather nice areas too!! Next week will be easier - take care and have lots of fun - Hilary

    1. Oh we will enjoy every minute of it Hilary.
      I love being out travelling - gigs, friends, lovely scenery - my life at its best.

  2. How funny, this brought back memories. When I first came to England as an au pair in 1959, I ended up in Loughton. It did not work out well. I'm sure you will enjoy it and your tour much better. London life worked out better for me too after I went to school there and lived with a Polish countess, of all things...... Have fun and enjoy doing what you love.

  3. Have a lovely jolly and yes definitely drop in to Barter Books x

  4. That sounds great Fil & hope you enjoy. Take care.

  5. Happy journeying Fil - I can hear the music already!


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