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Saturday 28 April 2018

#WATWB 20 years of peace, kind of

Celebrating small achievements

It's 20 years since the Good Friday Agreement was signed in Belfast in effect ending more than 30 years of sectarian warfare.

In joining in with the monthly We Are The World Blogfest to highlight good news stories around the world I thought it was worth celebrating the fact that this accord has lasted for 20 years.  At times it feels like nothing changes, no progress is being made, but then I realise that just keeping going is in itself a huge achievement, one that has allowed us ordinary people to sleep better at night.

Local semi retired political journalist William (Billy) Graham was there at both the signing of the agreement and at the 20 year celebration which brought back the various world leaders who contributed to helping the Agreement happen.

These are  his reflections in the Belfast Telegraph.

More than 40 years since he witnessed carnage on the streets of Belfast, 
William Graham believes there is hope for the future.

This is the 13th month of We Are the World Blogfest and the co-hosts this month are
Shilpa GargDan AntionSimon FalkMichelle Wallace , Mary Giese 


  1. Hi Fil - not being with you in Ireland (the whole) I appreciate what you say ... and perhaps yes looking at no forward movement .. but a quiet life is good - long may it last ... cheers Hilary

  2. Thank you for participating in the #WATWB this month!

    Even though it may feel as if no progress has been made, the important thing is that the basic agreement, to keep the peace, has been honored!
    In this war-torn world we live in, that's a huge achievement in itself.

    Writer In Transit
    #WATWB April Co-host

  3. The news from South and North Korea was good too.

  4. This is certainly worthy of note and celebration Fil, and I'm glad you've brought it to our attention.

  5. I read William Graham's reflections and I'm glad he notes those who died in the 70's and 80's. May the Peace accord hold ..


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