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Wednesday 5 December 2018

To brighten up the days

Normally I like to keep things positive and happy here on my blog - in my life in general - and if I've nothing much to write about then you'll not hear from me for a while.

Recently though, I was asked to write my first ever guest blog which you can read here.   It's for the lovely Sue Loncaric at her Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond blog.   I love reading everyone's positive stories on her series Thriving Over 50 and was delighted to be asked to participate.  

However when I started to write,  I couldn't understand why it was so difficult to get a positive spin on things - usually that doesn't defeat me - always look on the bright side of life, right?  In fact, whenever I am feeling out of sorts, blogging, or journalling, helps me turn things around in my head.  But the weekend before last while I was trying to write the guest post I was like a weasel, in really bad form with everyone.  I sent it off anyway and thankfully Sue's edits have brightened it a bit.  And I do conclude that yes, I am thriving over 50, over 60 even.

It took til Monday night for the reasons for my black humour to appear - temperature up to 102, accompanied by terrible coughing and I spent a week in bed - bronchitis of some sort.   So another chance to catch up on daytime tv and schmaltzy dramas - When The Heart Calls is my secret pleasure when thinking isn't required.

Anyway, I'm well out of it now, thanks to the respiratory physio who was a gem and sorted me out quickly with the right antibiotics.  And my first night back at choir practice gave my lungs a much needed work out.   Only missed out on a few pre Christmas goings on but plenty of time left to get into the swing of December and ready for the pageant at the weekend.

How do you manage to turn your mood around?


  1. Sometimes going for a walk lifts my mood; but....when it's lousy weather which is about all we've had of late that's a no go. Knitting, blogging, watching a chic flick are good substitutes. Glad you're feeling better and hope it stays that way throughout the busy holiday time.

  2. Good to read you are feeling much better.
    A bit of Glen Millers 'In The Mood' on full volume works wonders, but recently a friend played Taylor Swift 'Shake it Off' when I was low and crying on her shoulder, that did the same, we giggled at it as we danced around the kitchen so maybe next time i'll try listening to that.

  3. A walk in nature lifts me. I am not feeling great. I developed a really nasty cough and cold last week and I am struggling wiht my chest right now! I really should be in bed! Hope you are better soon!

  4. I do find that concentrating on something like my quilting or crochet is quite good, but a walk near the seaside or patting an animal is a definite pick me-up & I've been so low for a while now, that I really need to give myself a big shake-up. We did a short walk along the cliff on Phillip Island this arvo & saw four wallabies close up, hence me now commenting on some blogs. Not done that for a week or two. Thanks Fil & take care.

  5. Popping round again to wave hello, as I made my blog rounds. Hope things are going well for you.


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