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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Getting into the New Year

As the forecasters are constantly saying at the minute, this weather is unseasonably warm and mild but beware the cold is coming ....  But oh, these mild days have been gorgeous.  
The sea has been like glass
Mussel boat

Flat calm, with Carlingford yacht club in the background
Thank you all for the great suggestions on my feel good songs list - I have to agree with a lot of them - particularly Good Vibrations, the Monkees I'm a Believer and the T Rex one.  I'll be putting a lot of them to good use.

I've been very slow getting in to the new year this year ... There's lots of wee jobs I love to complete in December - getting the accounts up to date, updating the website, clearing my desk, filing away all my music in some sort of sensible order ... but this year none got done with all the visitors and bugs doing the rounds ...  until the past few days.   So I haven't even thought about resolutions, which I don't make anyway cos I'll never stick to them, but I have gotten back to my daily voice and guitar practices ....  our first concert of the year is on Valentine's Day and it's a local one (in Burren Heritage Centre, if you're a local reading this - details for tickets etc is at that link).

This pile on my desk had to get reduced to a couple of pages - done!


  1. Yes, the dreaded lurgy has kinda got in the way here too. Stuff needs doing/tidying away/making/painting etc but .... any hoo - the mild weather as promised has slipped away over night and we have an untidy sprinkling of frozen hail and icy puddles this morning. Hopefully will crack on in the studio - I definitely need to!

  2. Brrrr it's cold here today, we woke to a light sprinkling of the white stuff...that's was a shocker!
    No lurgy here, but its only time as I've got a few hospital appts this month and there are always germs floating around there - i'll be giving the handwash gel a battering to try and keep the germs away.

  3. Hope you are now free from bugs & settling after all the visitors. Unseasonably warm here too, but more the opposite from you, as in sizzling heat, but I sure wouldn't mind it being a lot cooler, as I'm not in the mood for doing lots. Take care.

  4. Time for me to catch up with a few blogs Fil. Not been getting around much lately as you know. Get that work done girl, you will regret not getting sorted if you don't.

  5. Well done Fil - and good luck with all your projects for the New Year ... love the photos of the sea and mussel boats ... cheers Hilary


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