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Saturday 5 January 2019

The house feels so small

Looking out to the Irish Sea at Kilkeel Harbour
Wandering around the house in the middle of the night, it felt very empty after the bustle of Christmas and the various visitors that were here.  I think I'm experiencing a touch of empty nest syndrome that many of you talk about.

Not being one for Resolutions I did manage to get back to the gym yesterday - don't be too impressed, it's a programme with a Physio called Over To You with the idea that 8 weeks under supervision will kick start a lifelong desire to get physical again ... hmmmm we'll see.   But on my way back, I drove past the harbour at Kilkeel and the sea looked so calm and quiet and empty.  (Kilkeel is the main fishing port on this coast).   Only a few boats on the distant horizon.  On one hand it's such a soothing thing to look at, a calm sea, but the emptiness reflected that sense of calm before the storm that I always get after a busy fun period when work looms around the corner and you never feel ready.  

Today we take down the decorations and the tree instead of waiting for the 6th as I like to do, but we're out all day tomorrow and much and all as I love my tree I want a clear house for Monday.  It's always in my mind to tidy my desk and do all the filing before New Year's Day, but this year none of it happened and my desk is the usual midden that it normally is...   Perhaps today, or maybe it'll just have to wait!  

However, there might be time(if I can summon up the energy) to go through Chrissie presents there's not been time to explore - in fact there's a couple of birthday ones as well that I want some time with.   Maybe book a facial, or organise a date for a pottery class ... Yummy things to look forward to:)

How about you?   Have you had time to play with your presents yet?  Or do you delay the gratification like me?

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Yes, after some visitors, the house can feel empty, though, very occasionally, it's nice to get back to normal. No presents here this year, but K & I did have a something each during the year, K's being his belated 70th birthday present due to unforeseen expenses earlier in the year. I've just posted about that actually. Have a lovely 2019 & hope you can organise a couple of those dates for spoiling yourself. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan and happy new year to you too xx

  2. My decorations came down a few days ago - And despite the quietness - I am relishing it - I am reclaiming my home from 'stuff'.

    1. Yes, it does feel a lot cleaner no doubt and the blues have gone, along with the dust!!!

  3. Ahhrgrhr, we still haven't done anything about our tree and it is almost the 7th! Oh well, I am not superstitious! It will get done when it gets done! I've avoided doing soooooooooooooo much I was supposed to do (including things for tomorrow- will have to try and do those asap). Right now, having got distracted from the things that HAD to be done for tomorrow by writing a waltz for my school orchestra! I like writing it for specific children in mind!
    I liked your description of the calm sea! Sounds idyllic- I love getting back to the sea- so beautiful!x

  4. Hi Fil - yes settling in, as I am, or adjusting to life beyond the razz-a-matazz that celebratory holidays seem to bring - the quiet is always lovely, but a challenge - until normality returns. Good luck with your goals - and to getting that desk sorted today - I'm prevaricating and must get on - but I'm here ... cheers and a Happy New Year to you both - Hilary

  5. I love to look at great expanses of water - somehow it feeds me.
    I had some lovely wool and have knitted it up already to make DH some socks.... must blog a pic.


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