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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The Birds Song

The RSPB recently released a record of birdsong which managed to go to the top of the charts - a fantastic achievement.  And they've now started a Birdsong Radio - wonderful.    It is surely the biggest delight of my day to hear the birds singing in the morning and to watch them feeding in the garden.  Check it out here

On our recent trip to England and Scotland we had a morning off in the Lake District and found TheBirds Bistro :). A brilliant place to buy special foods for the birds and squirrels.  We came home loaded down.   Check it out if  you're in the area. 

And at the same time, my Tom has written a fun song called The Birds Song - a parody on immigration - have a listen - and a watch of our birds :). 

He's working on a children's book at the moment illustrated by a friend, Colum McEvoy.  I'll post some of the images in a future blog post - it will be launched at our festival here next month.   

"We may have different feathers and sing a different song
But when we sing together, the differences are gone. "


  1. Hi Fil - that's delightful ... how clever of Tom. Good luck with the children's book - sounds like it's ideal for kids ... while the song is a reminder that we are all children of the earth and air ...

    Bird song is gorgeous ... the magpies - not so sure about! ... but it's the way of life - cheers Hilary

  2. I've not watched the clip yet, but I too love watching & listening to the birds, though you'd know some of ours get pretty raucous. Congrats Tom, on your book writing. I'm looking forward to your posts about that. Take care.

  3. Now that is delightful, really enjoyed listening to it. Well done to you both. I love to watch and hear the birds and we've got an army of jackdaws and crows at the moment pestering the smaller ones so that line made me smile. Maybe i'll play this song loudly outside and see if they take note!!
    love and blessings x


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