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Friday 15 November 2019

Little footballs ...

It was a relief to get out for a walk today after being laid up for nearly 2 weeks (again - yes, the third time this year ... )  and with the diary filling up with mainly choir and singing group commitments between now and Christmas I thought it was way past time that I started to get a bit of exercise. 

 It was actually quite warm in the sun but you could really feel the bite in the wind. 

 Is it just me or do these pine fruit look like little footballs - they really made me smile.

Judging by the amount of berries around, it's going to be a very cold winter ... the birds have lots of choices...

It was a really lovely walk around the bay at full tide. 

We've been shocked to see the terrible floods across the north of England and the awful fires in Australia.  I hope you are all safe and dry.  It's been raining a lot here and very cold but thankfully there's not been a lot of flooding other than in the fields.


  1. What a beautiful place to walk in x

    Although we have had a lot of rain, we are just wet - fortunately no localised flooding, just soggy pathways, constantly dripping trees and full rivers. I feel for the folk further south and their floods and as I type this it is raining again/still and I am thankful we live on the side of a gentle hill.

    I think we should send some of our rain down to Australia - it might help :(

  2. Stunning view across the water, what a nice walk that must have been.
    We've got flooded roads here in the East Midlands and as its been raining all day today tomorrows commute to work will see diversions all over and late starts for a lot.

  3. Definitely footballs!! What a gorgeous view!!! I would love to live near here!


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