Reading My Way Around the World

Sunday 23 February 2020



The practice of buying more books than you're ever going to be able to read ...

That makes me smile ...
Love it

Recents and laying in waiting

I wrote back in October about a challenge I've set myself to read my way around the world.   So I've finally added a page that I will update as I go along to just keep a record of the countries I've visited and, time permitting, I'll add individual posts about the various books as well. So, 26 countries at the moment .... only another 170 or so to go ... According the UN list there are 195 at the moment, not including Taiwan, the Cook Islands - and probably not Scotland, England Wales and NI as individual ones either - but they're countries too ... It'll take me the rest of my life to complete, but that'll be fun. 

I've been struggling with content from a lot of places because many of the highly recommended books are based on stories of war and turmoil and displacement and there's only so much of that I can take at one time.   So I've been detouring when there are writers that intrigue me and looking for lighter options as well before diving back into more war torn areas.

But for now this is a Tsunduko Sunday - my library of books waiting to be read may never get done with .... but what a fun way to go:) 


  1. What a wonderful idea. Please let me know what you will read or have read from Sweden. How do you find books from countries you may not even have heard about before setting out on this adventure. And I so agree, the part of the UK are separate countries with their own cultures, dialects, and so on.

  2. Hi Inger,
    In the past I've read books like A Man Called Ove which I loved and the Finnish one I'm dipping into at the moment - I think that writer is from the Swedish part of Finland - is there such a thing? |She's listed as being Swedish speaking from Finland...

    But I"m getting hints from people like yourself and then dipping into this wonderful blog - Tale Away - the link is on the page I've set up. She does a reading around the world challenge every year - now I was on this trip before I found her, but she has the most fabulous resource.

  3. I have one too. Can never have too many books!

  4. Yes, I suffer from this complaint too!!!
    The reading idea is a great one! I think I'd struggle to stick to this as I do like certain types of books!!!

  5. Oh dear, is that a disease? I've way too many reference books, but some I do read from cover to cover. I love books & always will. So does hubby & our daughter is a Librarian. Thanks for telling us your intentions & will keep a lookout for your new posts. Take care.

  6. @Susan - it does sound like a bit of a disease doesn't it Susan - but no we are just perfectly formed lol
    @Kezzie - I do have certain tastes too and I'm allowing myself to wander of spec from time to time - it'd be too daunting otherwise.
    @Aril - bookshops are like sweetie shops - have to be walked past with blinkers on from time to time lol

  7. Finland was under Swedish rule way back and thus has people of two ethnic backgrounds. Thanks for getting back to me. I will check out that link. Reading is good for the soul.

  8. Finland was under Swedish rule way back and thus has people of two ethnic backgrounds. Thanks for getting back to me. I will check out that link. Reading is good for the soul.

  9. @Inger - that's really intereseting about Finland and Sweden - never knew that ... I'll look forward to some Swedish suggestions from you too.

  10. Hi Fil - I just love that word when I came across it last year I think. And yes I have way too many to read - and ordered 3 more yesterday - 'cookery books' if you can call them that: Kafka's Soup: A Complete History of World Literature in 17 Recipes, and Crick has done Machiavelli, and Satre in similar vein ... it'll be interesting to see.

    James Raffin 'Circling the Midnight Sun' - he goes along/through every country on the Arctic Circle (66.6 degrees latitude) ... fascinating ... and taught me so much re the countries ...

    ... and another I got via a post recommendation - Elleke Boehmer's thrilling new collection of stories tracks lives across continents from the perspective the southern hemisphere - its light, its seas, and its sensibilities ... having got the book it certainly intrigues me. Check her out in Wiki ...

    I'd better stop - but love what you're doing ... great - cheers Hilary

  11. Sounds interesting, i'll look forward to reading about your literary adventures around the world.


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