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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Live Online Tomorrow

How are you all coping in this crazy time?   I'm finding myself vacillating between being really stressed trying to keep up with work which seems to take 3 times as long as normal and just longing for some rest to sit and listen to the bird songs that are magnificent at the moment. 

The technology challenges have been immense over the past few weeks but finally I've got the choir up and running - more as a singalong weekly get together rather than a choir working in harmonies, but it's still a lovely gathering   And my first one to one classes have also worked out much better than expected via Zoom.

And now our biggest challenge!  
We were due to be heading to Scotland and the north of England to play at some folk clubs the week after Easter which of course was cancelled so we've accepted a challenge from a friend who runs a lovely gift shop here and we're doing our first online concert tomorrow.   Yikes!   Terryifying or what!

So if you're around and have nothing better to do and are on Facebook, or can access it, we'll be live at 12noon tomorrow.   The timing is to suit Belinda who runs the shop, as she comes from Canberra and her family were due to be with her here to celeabrate the 4th annivesary of her shop - Good Craic Gifts.  We'll be playing for about 40-45 minutes, mostly our own songs and it'd be great to see you there if you can - it will be available as a replay afterwards and on YouTube.

So Wednesday 8th April 2020
12noon GMT
9pm Canberra/Sydney time
13h in Europe
7am USA East Coast (sorry guys - very early for you but hopefully if this works, we'll do another one as this confinement goes on and time it to suit you on the other side of the Pond).

If you do pop in, send us a comment so I can see where you're coming from....  


  1. Good luck with it, have fun and enjoy.

  2. Hope it goes well and the technology plays ball for you! Arilx

  3. Sorry I have just seen this, what a lovely idea! I do hope it went well for you both. I will listen to the replay.

  4. Good luck with the concert Fil. I think I will wait to see it on YouTube. 7 a.m. is a tad early for me to watch concerts. Usually fairly busy with breakfast etc. at that time. Best of luck, I am sure it will go well.

    Happy Easter

  5. I hope it went well! I don't have Facebook or I'd have loved to listen!xx

  6. Sorry I missed that concert, but great that you did it. I have listened to you on YouTube and enjoyed it so much. Will do that again.

  7. Hi Fil - I admire you for getting that organised - apologies I was going to get to the concert - but failed ... and now will go and see if I can find it on You tube ... I do hope all well your area of the world ... and you can be productive while being confined at home. All the best - take care, stay safe - Hilary

  8. Hi Fil - I failed to find it ... could you put the link up sometime ... and then I'll get there ... many thanks - H xo


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