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Friday, 27 March 2020

March Photo Hunt

Like yourself Kate and everyone else I've read so far who've joined the Scavenger Hunt for this month, I wasn't going to join this month either - my energy has been so low and I'm still trying to work .... but after reading yours I thought ok, let's go for it ... keep the chin up.   While cancelling all gigs and classes I've found it hard to do more than knit, cook ad watch tv.   But things will go back to normal and some sort of routine will come together.  Most of these pics are from archive and it's brought both smiles and tears looking back through the years.  And some have very tenuous links ...


2015 - on the road - Paris to Munich
Today, I'm missing not having any journeys to look forward to ... they've all been cancelled ... but on that day I was a bit glum - an 8 hour drive on a Sunday ....on my birthday ....  humph.   



I've been getting stuff off the needles these past couple of weeks .... and this was the first to be finished - made from Scraps of Wool - my Scarfy Thingy inspired by Beate at Hedgehog Fibres.... it was such a joy to knit and I've just found another bitsa project to do during self isolation


This prompt made me chuckle Kate because trying to find a non contentious flag around this part of the world is a bit of a challenge ... so archives to the rescue
Definitely not social distancing!! A walk through the Oktoberfest back in 2015


This photo believe it or not, is in the crypt of a church.   It is in Annahuette in former East Germany and neither of these three gentlemen (who we nicknamed the Three Stooges) spoke English and we had the best night's craic I can (vaguely) remember after a concert.   Sadly only the man on the left is still alive now but they were wonderful the three of them.   How did we communicate?   Schnapps!!!  
We had done a concert upstairs in the church and afterwards there were drinks and refreshments downstairs.   And every time they said Prost! it couldn't do anything but say Prost! back - it would have been rude lol. 
The Three Stooges - Jan 26, 2003


OK I admit this is a stretch 

A cushion of moss ?  

My own choice

We've been having the most amazing sunsets this past week - this was last Friday - 20th March.  

Again , thank you so much to Kate for organising this photo hunt every month - we really needed it this week.   
Going now for my virtual trip around the world to have a look at what everyone else has done... Photo Scavenger Hunt Link Up...


  1. Lovely Fil. As you mentioned I wasn't going to do it or even post anymore, but it's one way I've got to keep in touch. Mine were mostly from our last day of freedom before the lockdown. Our archives come in handy, but I think your sunset pic is beautiful, so my favourite. Take care, stay safe & big huggles from down under.

  2. Hi Fil - these are wonderful - particularly loved your take on 'cushion'; the three stooges - what a fun time you obviously had ... your scarf is delightful - so pretty; I know - birthdays sometime can be frustratingly boring due to commitments ... still we made that birthday and others at least - cheers Hilary

  3. A wonderful selection of photos and lovely stories to go with them. Loved your story to go with your Three picture!

  4. I loved your three stooges story - bless them, I bet they had stories for ever (not that you could understand :D )
    I am glad you joined it - thank you x stay safe

  5. What a sunset!
    The jazzy scarfy thing looks wonderful.
    Stay safe x

  6. I'm so glad you did join in this month, it is a great way to remain in routine, to keep in touch and to stay positive and your pictures and stories are certainly uplifting.

  7. I can just picture you and the three old guys in the church vault having schnapps. Coming from Sweden, I'm sort of familiar with schnapps and its effects. And a sunset seen behind bare tree branches makes for the best picture.

  8. I've got to share a really lovely comment I got on my school blog with you about your song. I posted your Youtube video of The Birds song and a girl said,
    "Now my mum can sing it because she is Scottish and Irish my mum Loves it thank you again for putting it on here."

    Your photos are great- the scarf is a triumph! What a wonderful scarf!! I love the sunset! Sorry to hear about your birthday and all the gigs being cancelled. At least for me it is mostly a hobby with only a few paid gigs but if it is your main income, very worrying. I was supposed to be performing a concert at Stoke Newington Assembly Hall tonight with Forest Philharmonic- i was really excited about it and loved the programme and felt really sad about not being able to perform! Necessary though!

  9. Lovely pictures and stories. Your boozy evening with those 3 stooges must have been just as much fun for them. Imagine them talking about these people that joined in with their private party!! Your sunset picture is my favourite, it is gorgeous. Take care and keep safe. xx

  10. Great photos, your scarfy thingy is gorgeous, so original!
    What fun with the Three Stooges, and no, you couldn't be rude.
    I'm sure some critters think that moss is a lovely cushion.
    Your sunset is so beautiful, I hope you are still enjoying them.


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