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Friday 26 June 2020

June 2020 Photo Scavenger Hunt

I love this monthly photo challenge run by Kate from I Live I Love I Craft
These are the prompts for June

My garden 

At the start of lockdown I was very enthusiastic about getting on top of our garden and giving it some TLC but after I sprained my ankle things slowed down - and now (7 weeks later) it's turned out that the ankle is fractured : - So I'm hobbling around with a boot and crutches and there'll be even less done.   How. Ever.   I got down on the lawn  which we've let go wild cos it's been so dry and there's no grass growing anyway and it's now a mass of wild grasses and flowers - it will be cut shortly but I wanted a few pics before that.


Another from the lawn - I'm sure I'll get this one wrong but I think this is Birdsfoot Trefoil.


Still at ground level today - much better perspective down here -  so I spent 5 minutes chasing a ladybug around to get a photo and kept snapping as it climbed up my dress ... this one is over lit but hopefully in focus and I thought it was a very happy accident 😎


I love the effect of the sun on the water in the evenings.  

Something wild!Your own choice - sorry - you're getting 3 pics here ... 

We've had great fun watching the squirrels - this young one, and another one which I haven't managed to catch yet, hasn't figured out the box and keeps trying to raid the birds' nuts- puts a new meaning on pole dancing lol  And if you have the patience to watch to the end of the little video, the mother (it looks like a female) couldn't get enough so climbed right in!

Well that's it from me for June, gosh how the year is starting to fly now - at the start of lockdown everything was moving very slowly but now it's racing.  Hopefully by next month I'll be back on my feet and we'll be moving around a bit more safely.  Stay well all ... Heading over now to the Link Up page to see what everyone else has put up for these words.  


  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle & hope it mends soon. Love the sun on the water, but oh the squirrels definitely put on a smile on my face, especially the 2nd photo. Couldn't get the video to do anything. Did that ladybird think the flowers on your skirt were real(giggle). Thanks for joining in & sharing. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  2. Oh no your poor ankle! Ouch.xx
    Your squirrel is wonderful, I have RED squirrel envy!🐿 take care and thank you for joining in xx

  3. Sorry to hear about the ankle, I hope it heals properly before too long. I love the Birdsfoot Trefoil, it's a gorgeous colour, and the face on the squirrel in the first photo - it looks so cute. Unfortunately the video doesn't play for me either - maybe the file is too big?

  4. So sorry about your ankle. I hope it mends soon. Yes, that looks like birdsfoot-trefoil ('bacon and eggs'). Lovely ladybird - a native one, which are rare round here now. Beautiful picture of sun on the water. Adorable squirrels - red ones too. (And I agree with you about James Joyce.)

  5. Hi Fil - love the lawn meadow and thanks for the bird's foot trefoil ... it's very pretty. Well done on the ladybird, as too the troublesome squirrels! Sorry about your ankle and how very irritating to find it's fractured ... take care while you hobble around! All the best Hilary

  6. What a bore to have a fractured ankle; hope it recovers soon. Having something like that does cramp one's style! Lovely photos but without a doubt the red squirrel photos are the best. Sadly the video did not work for me either. Take care.

  7. Sorry about your ankle, but at least you got a different perspective in your garden! The sunset on the water is beautiful and even though those squirrels can be a pain, you got some cute photos.

  8. I am really sorry to hear that you ankle is broken that must be so painful. I do hope it heals well after not being diagnosed for so long. Your photos are lovely especially the ladybird one, I love that the rest of the photo is over lit as it makes you focus on the ladybird. How wonderful to have red squirrels in your garden! They are beautiful aren't they.

  9. Lovely photos, thank you. We have squirrels too that continually try and raid the nut feeder - sadly not red ones though! I love the sunset on the water picture. Hope your ankle is better soon.

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle, unfortunately I suffered a similar fate a number of years ago and it never quite came right again so I hope you have a better result. The photos are lovely, especially the squirrels, when we lived in the States I loved to watch the antics the squirrels got up to.

  11. Love the squirrel so playful trying to get the birds food I can imagine it must of been amusing to watch 🙂

  12. Hello Fil! Your flower shots are gorgeous! I've always wanted a wildflower meadow but have never had the time or opportunity to create one. If I just let the lawn grow here, it would end up as very long grass and not much else ;o)
    It's so nice to see your summery florals.

  13. You have red squirrels!!?!?!?!! Oh my!
    I love seeing your beautiful flower photos and that reflection on the water is glorious!
    SO sorry to hear about your ankle! That's rubbish!

  14. Ouch.. poor you, hoping its not too painful.
    Great pucz, i do love to see the little rascal squirrels.

  15. Hi Fil! Just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a Bloggers Art Gallery if you wanted to come and take a look!XX


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