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Thursday 4 June 2020

YouTube link

Hi all,
I promised to put up our YouTube link a bit quicker this time from our concert online on Monday night.  
It's such a strange way to do a gig, but once we started to see some messages coming in it felt as if people were there in the room with us, or rather that we were in the room with them.  
Here's the YouTube link .

Live from our studio

So now back to enjoying crafting, gardening, and re booking dates that have been cancelled for the rest of this year - I can't believe it, but I actually booked a gig for May 2022 today - crazy - it feels like something out of Star Trek!  2022! 


  1. I've only listened to the first song so far on your You Tube link but it brought tears to my eyes. I particularly love it when you sing together in harmony.

  2. Excellent Fil ... I'll put it on at some stage and listen quietly ... looking forward to hearing the concert ... all the best to you both - Hilary

  3. Thanks Fil - thoroughly enjoyed it ... I was reading quietly ... but was engaged. Stay safe - Hilary

  4. Ah thanks Hilary for tuning in - glad you enjoyed it :)


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