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Monday 9 November 2020

Bottom of the Garden

 On a lovely day in August we socially distanced at the bottom of the garden with my friends Csilla Toldy and Tommy Sands to make a tv programme based on our show The Emigrant Woman's Tale.   

On the other side of the hedge is the sea - the border - and this series that Tommy is making looks at all the various projects that have been helped by the EU Peace and Reconciliation Fund - groups from both sides of our divided community coming together and reaching out to forge links across borders.  We were delighted to be the first programme in the series which was broadcast on YouTube on Saturday night.   

Here's the link to the YouTube video if you'd like to hear some songs, listen to some poetry and hear tales of our border crossings soft and hard - Csilla crossing the green borders of the Iron Curtain, me skipping across a sheugh as a child. 


  1. Thank for the link Fil, will go and check it out, how exciting to be part of such a worthy project xx

  2. I'll check this later today on my PC & so glad to see this post as I've been worrying about my distant blogpals & not sure whether to get in touch or leave them be. Take care, stay safe & huggles from down under.

  3. Sounds like an amazing project, thank you for the link I will watch this later.

  4. Hi Fil - good to see you ... and I'll definitely look at Tommy's (and your) project later on. So much going on despite being locked down ... I'll enjoy learning more ... all the best - Hilary


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