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Monday 23 November 2020

Catching up

Hello folks

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post - it's lovely to hear from you all.   I've been following along, occasionally dropping in and reading your blogs but I just haven't had the energy to write.   

We've had such a couple of months ... first my mother wasn't well through September and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks - she's fine now thankfully.  A week later Tom went in for a routine day procedure and 6 days later collapsed with a massive internal bleed.  To top it off, while he was in the hospital there was an outbreak of coronavirus on the ward and he was sent home early to recuperate and both of us on a 14 day self isolation ... a week later back in hospital he tested positive and once again we had a further 14 day isolation.   That finally ends tomorrow and I'm seriously going spare not getting out.   But all's starting to improve, although he's not fully well yet and thankfully the covid symptoms were negligible and I showed no symptoms at all - at least now he's immune for a couple of months at least.   

So apart from keeping the choir going online and doing a few classes I've been learning how to be a housewife lol. I kid you not - the hardest job I think I've ever done is getting meals ready on time - not our usual way of working (usually we wait until one of us is hungry and then there's a mad scramble to find something to eat)... but it's been good having something to focus on.  I have huge respect for all of you that have held down jobs, houses and brought up children - you are heroes.  

So now I"ve a couple of book blogs to write, and it's about time to get down to a bit of songwriting too.  

We're still enjoying the company of the squirrels (one of whom insists on getting inside the food box!).. 

and I took the greatest of pleasure in building a log pile on my own while Tom was in bed :) 

I hope you're all well.



  1. Good to see a post pop, but am so sad to hear about all your health issues & hope all will be well with you both from now on. I had to laugh about the "housewife" bit and never thought much about running the house, raising 3 kids & holding down a job, but think it more like making me organised & getting on with life. I need to email you about something, which I'll try & do tomorrow. Love the squirrel in the feeder....... Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.

  2. Hi Fil - love the red squirrel and what a sensible animal getting in with the food! Sorry you've been having a few challenges - though am glad you imply things are improving for your mother, but definitely for Tom - glad you could both adapt. Yes ... cooking regular meals etc can be an interesting project ... I do hope things continue on improving ... take care and with thoughts for you both - all the best - Hilary

  3. Good grief - you've had a tough time recently - so glad things are looking better, virtual hugs to you both and stay safe. Meal planning must be one of my least favourite jobs - I still muddle through it despite the years and years of 'practice' I have had to endure :D xx

  4. It's so good to hear from you and I'm sorry about all you've been through. Hopefully, the tide will turn and things will get better. 2020 has been quite the year, hasn't it? And I so understand about preparing meals at regular times. Errol liked to cook, so I was blessed with that. Now I often forget I need to eat.

  5. It is lovely to read a post from you, I am not surprised that you have not wanted to write one it sounds like you have had a lot of other things to think about. I am glad to hear that your Mother and Tom are doing ok after their recent time in hospital. I do they continue to go well.

  6. Sounds like you had an incredibly adventurous few months of not of your own choosing. Glad to hear that everyone is slowly starting to recover.

  7. Oh Fil, I am so sorry you've had a stressful time (and that I missed this post!)- I found the postcard you sent me with your lovely book today so I wanted to come and say hi. I can't imagine how hard you must have found it but I'm glad you were able to focus on food. I've been in isolation too as CBC tested positive- it has felt interminable!


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