Monday, 1 October 2018

September Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hello dear Hawthorn and photo scavenger friends

Sorry I missed out on the last couple of month's photos - my plan was to come back to visit you all later,  but later never happened.   We've had a busy July and early August with our festival and recording studio work and then the most glorious two weeks in France with our caravan.  Then straight off to Germany for a short tour and somehow September has now vanished too.  I thought I was getting myself ready early for this month's challenge but no......

If you've not joined in with Hawthorn's Photo Hunt before  check in here for the links to add your own and to see all the other interpretations.

Brightly Coloured

We spent a lovely day in Chauvigny in France at a mediaeval fair - there are ruins in the town of 5 different castles dating back to those times and the park was a blaze of colour and sound for the festival - these musicians were superb, singing and playing old instruments to a background sound of knights jousting and youngsters learning how to properly wield the swords they'd just bought. 
Mind you, everything looks bright and colourful in the sunshine. 

Upside down

My geography days are long behind me so I can never remember if these are tites or mites!  In the petrified caves near Saumur.  In this particular cave they leave objects under the falling droplets which then get coated, or petrified, and come out looking like porcelain.   The smell was fabulous.

A full pillar of deposits in the middle background


OK, so not quite ink, but at least it's writing of a sort.   I was looking for a pic of a cool tattoo - I've a girlfriend in Germany who has several tattoos of quotes from Jayne Austen on her arms and tummy but I didn't want to embarrass her by asking to photograph them.   Anyway, there's lots of this splendid graffiti around the University area in Belfast ... It makes a change from our usual political murals ( or muriels as they're know here)
Graffiti in Belfast


I got a lovely bag of goodies from a beekeeper in Germany who organises one of our concerts there - honey, royal jelly night cream and some honey lip balm as well as a bottle of honey wine which I"m really looking forward to trying.  But I didn't realise it until we arrived home that the bag is covered in little bees :)   So cute.  


The patterns in wood are endlessly fascinating - like clouds.  This was on a church door dating back to the 12th century in Vallency in the Loire Valley.   The tales that door could tell.
Such a sad face

My own choice

Flowers of course .... At Chateau L'Islette in the Loire Valley - I'll have a post about our visit there in a week or so.

So, definitely this week I'll get around to see everyone else's photos and get a quick trip around the world from my comfy seat here in my study.   


  1. Great photos. Love the wooden door, yes, I wonder what tales it could tell.

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. An interesting set of photos. I agree that sunshine makes nearly everything colourful! The pattern on the door is my favourite, just want to reach out and touch it.

  3. Great photos Fil. Thought your pic for ink was clever & loved the tattoo part as well. I too thought your door was wonderful. Glad you could join. Take care.

  4. Hi Fil - so glad you've had a busy few months ... it's good. Also glad to know you had that fortnight in France. Wonderful bee goodies ... and yes the paper is fun to see - cheers and have a good week - Hilary

  5. I'm loving the underground stalegtites/mites? I cant remember which is which either. We went on a school trip to Derbyshire many many years ago and it was amazing to see them, its a word you never forget, but never use!

  6. An interesting mix :) I like the old door and great shot for ink too.

  7. Sounds like you've been very busy. Just can't get into graffiti. Seeing people marking up things that don't belong to them makes me sad and angry. Even saw some on our recent trip to Italy.

  8. My dear sweet Fil - I know you are a busy lady so when you do join in with the scavenger hunt I am certainly pleased. I love your photos and the gorgeous clothing in your first image. Thank you for joining in x

  9. Love your photos for September. That 12th Century door is wonderful, no wonder it attracted so much favourable content.
    Mt favouorite tohough is that wonderful white rose with aLoire Chateau in the background.


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