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Monday 8 October 2018

A romantic castle

It seems like ages ago now since we were in France - it was a thoroughly enjoyable trip and we neither of us can wait to go again.   And of course we had to visit at least one chateau.
Warning - this post is picture heavy -( I've never learned the art of less is more when it comes to pictures.)

How would you fancy living here?

This is Chateau de L'Islette (the castle on a little island) and it is still occupied.  The family bought it in the 1960s and have been gradually doing it up.  

Château de L'Islette

You cross a little moat - the river runs past it offering the opportunity for boat trips.  

It's a beautiful old house and I would love to live in it.   
But it's real charm is the story that Rodin the sculptor had an affaire with his then 17 year old student Camille Claudel, and l'Islelette was their meeting place for nearly two years.  

It is where Rodin worked on his famous Balzac statue and Camille, famous in her own right,  did many studies of one of the grandchildren of the house - la petite chatelaine.   She often revisited the château in subsequent years and was fully aware of the scandal around her   

There are still echoes of their relationship everywhere with one room dedicated to their writings, their letters to each other and their biographies. 

La Petite Chatelaine

« You cannot imagine how good it is to be at L'Islette ... and it is so pretty here!. …
If you are nice, and keep your promise we will know what paradise is like. »

With my love Camille
(Camille Claudel to Rodin)

Let me show you around some of the rooms - the chapel first

A very clever little shadow lamp that moved around the room
very atmospheric

Some of the house - particularly the bathroom and kitchen - was very modern and obviously well used.   The family move out to a farm house on the estate during the summer season.
Very modern kitchen

A little prayer nook beside the kitchen ....
I could just imagine closing myself in there for a moment's quiet from the chaos of a busy house

The prayer nook

Couldn't you just picture yourself
gazing out there in pensive meditation 


One of the children's bedrooms
and the room where Camille stayed in later years

The other child's bedroom
And looking out Camille's window

The main sitting room on the first floor

The ceiling was handprinted
and very pretty
And back outside ....

The sundial on the wall of the castle

The Mill House in the background at the side of the chateau

The water mill house and the River Indre which surrounds the castle

As a final touch I thought it was really clever to offer children clothes to dress up in while the parents had a look at the place - you could be a princess or a knight for the afternoon :)   Apparently they do this at some of the big German castles as well - maybe in England too?  Great idea.
Fancy being a princess for the day? 
You can read more about it and see much more professional photos than mine here
These places must cost a fortune to do up and maintain but still, it was great to get a look around inside.   It's a style of life I can only imagine.


  1. That looks like a beautiful place to visit. Your photos really capture the sense of the place.

  2. Hi Fil - it looks just wonderful ... and you obviously had a lovely time wandering around and looking into the gardens and history. Oh yes I can join you in the desire to experience that life style!! Cheers Hilary

  3. The children must love playing dress up at this magnificent place. The shadow lamp is very beautiful and atmospheric.

  4. WOW....understand the picture thing. I'm still sorting mine from recently getting back from Italy. You enjoy yourself so much as you travel and just clicking the little button. So easy to do. lol

  5. You can never have too many pictures, particularly of things like castles. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the tour.


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